View Full Version : DNA Cube updates?

07-10-2019, 05:11 PM
Like most players, I'm excited for the upcoming region 5. I had a question about DNA cubes and fragments. When region 5 launches, will new legendary or event characters be added to the cube draws? I have almost all non event characters at rank 5 so the DNA cubes only give me database credits; however, if new characters will be added to the draws for region 5, then logically I should SAVE my cubes for a better chance of getting new DNA fragments. So should I be saving them until R5 launches? Thanks!

07-13-2019, 07:06 PM
Does anyone know the answer to this?

07-14-2019, 02:13 AM
My assumption is that we won't get any event exclusive heroes added to the DNA cubes. These cubes already contain 9 non-event legendary heroes. I would think we'll still get Maria's DNA from completing mission stars. All regions so far have 8 missions so this will likely be the same. Therefore 8 non-event legendary characters are available for the region 5 legacy missions. The low chance drops could recycle these heroes for the most part, with maybe just the last 2 offering someone else. So there's no need to add event heroes into the DNA cubes.

I think the 1st 4 legacy missions in region 5 will offer high chance of getting Jean, Domingo, Girolamo & Machiavelli as these are the low chance drops from the last 4 region 4 missions. And the final 4 would be Rodrigo, Jariya, Shao Jun & Ezio. Maria could also be used. As could other heroes like Mario.