View Full Version : Lose of Live toon on the PTS.

07-05-2019, 06:42 PM
So not sure what happened between now and the 2nd but I have lost my live toon on the PTS. I logged in today to get the Start up options and then when I get into the game I have a template character. If anything can be done about this I would like to know because I wanted to see how these changes effect my builds but I cant exactly do that when I don't have access to my equips or character.

07-07-2019, 05:58 PM
Think it's intentional. They want us to test skills so they gave us someone leveled up to 3000 skill power with all the top level skill mods in inventory.

07-08-2019, 08:35 AM
Hello Agents,

Thanks for reaching out! This is intentional to test new game functionalities and areas only, that's why the characters are random. You won't be able to use your character from the main game in this PTS.