View Full Version : Bug report and Feedback on sharing resources across characters and inventory UI.

07-02-2019, 03:16 AM
1. A level 30 character in world tier 5 can only have resources shared with another level 30 character in world tier 5. It will not give the option for level 30 characters that are not yet in world tier 5 to share resources, even though the sharing item only states a requirement of level 30 and no world tier. Considering that the resource caps, their use, and worth, do not change across world tiers, this limitation seems unnecessary. All level 30 characters should be able to share resources, regardless of their world tier. Or at the very least have money, resources, and unlocked mods etc. shared at level 1-30, and from world tier 4 and above, the rest of the control point and project based unlocks shareable, and so forth.

2. Once resource sharing has be activated between two characters, the resource totals are pooled together but their maximum caps are not. For example, currently if you have maxed out weapon parts on both characters, it shows up as 1200/600 weapon parts on each character. Does this mean that once you share resources, BOTH characters combined can only have a maximum of 600 weapon parts once the overflow of 600 has been used? This would end up with all characters sharing the same small 600 resource pool and is not advantageous for avid players who actively play multiple characters. And until the overflow is spent, neither character can no longer pickup any resources! This would only benefit players who don't max their resource caps on any character they have. Would it not be far more beneficial for shared resource characters to also have their max caps added to each other? IE. Two shared characters would have 1200/1200 weapon parts. Adding a third character with no weapon parts on it, would make the shared pool 1200/1800 weapon parts, and so on.

3. Having the ability to craft 500 gear score items is fantastic, and even more so the ability to use them with the recal station. One major negative side effect of this, is that now we will need even more inventory space than ever with the growing number of ways and reasons to accumulate and hoard gear. This has obviously been a major problem in the game and needs to be addressed sooner than later. I offer a possible solution. What if ISAC were upgraded with the SHD tech ability to strip stats off gear, and store them in a SHD statistical database for an agent to use at a later time. The item would be destroyed in the process, the stats stored, and thereafter the agent, with a reasonable amount of materials could reapply these stats onto other gear at the upgraded SHD tech recal station. Once stored in the database, the stats can be used as often as you have materials for, and would almost completely eliminate the necessity of hoarding items just for their stats, which is a huge problem in the current game. Just as we have a collection of brand set parts and such in our resource tab, the SHD stored stats would also be depicted there. Agents will essentially be continuously building up, and improving an ongoing database of stats/attributes. Similar to in Assassin's Creed Odyssey where attributes are stored and improved over time, and can be imprinted on any gear, as often as you have materials for. And while we're at it, the improved SHD recal station can also recal two attributes/stats. We can't have NYC with better SHD technology than DC now right?! Perhaps even three attributes in a future episode? I'm sure many agents have other wonderful creative ideas on how to fix the inventory size, and management issues... please implement something to help alleviate the problem. I can still hear in my head, as clear as the day Yannick said it in SOTG that 'No one will ever have inventory space issues...' and yet, at least 70% of my time in this game has been doing inventory management! Cmon Yannick, please don't be that guy.

4. Speaking of inventory, when you have your items listed on the left side of the screen, and the highlighted items' details on the right - when you scroll down the details, it also scrolls down the inventory list on the left in sync. This causes you to lose sight of the item you have highlighted. The inventory list, and details should be scrolled independently of one another. In contrast, when you scroll down the inventory list, it does not scroll the details and works normally.

07-02-2019, 03:19 AM
Apologies for the wall of text. Didn't think it would end up being so long.

07-02-2019, 06:07 AM
Apologies for the wall of text. Didn't think it would end up being so long.

But thanks for posting this. I totally agree with all your statements. I was shocked when i saw that all my 4 chars on WT5 together can only stash 400 of each material.
The ISAC store idea thing would be also a nice feature.
The GS 500 crafting is a really nice change to the game and i love the abbility to share my blueprints with every char, this is by far the best new addition to this PTS version!

07-02-2019, 07:09 AM
I currently have three characters, with one at WT5, one at WT4, and the third at WT1. I was able to share resources between them just fine.

You are right that the limitation of only allowing us to have one small resource pool is a very large downgrade, something that I hope they patch very quickly.

07-02-2019, 10:24 AM
@Brummelpuuh, thank you for your kind words.

@arkayn71, And thank you for confirming the limitations of the resource sharing. I was only able to test it with a world tier 0 level 4 and level 30, as well as two world tier 5 level 30s. So looks like the sharing is only capable between level 30 world tiers 1 to 5. Basically nothing in world tier 0, even if you're level 30. My bad for the presumption that only world tier 5 characters qualify for sharing.

07-02-2019, 12:35 PM
Hello Agents,

Thanks for your reports! I'll pass them on to the development team for further review ;)