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Some time ago I say here in a post that there is a Uboat near portugal and here is a text about it sorry about the translantion of some words and hope that you guys like it.

The U-963 of the Kriegsmarine took the final dive 60 years ago in the bay of Nazaré? and there continues.To avoid to surrender, the crew opted for scuttle in neutral sea, without victims.
‚ęwe open the exits of air, of the tanks of ballast. And when the water entered, and start to sank by the stern, with the bow slowly emerge, and, then, its final dive. ..‚Ľ ‚‚ā¨" the eng.‚? HARRY F÷RSTER does not conceal the emotion upon recollecting the moment ‚‚ā¨" ‚ę... to the depths of the Atlantic. It did not do any swirl on the surface .Disappear like a little dolfin in the bottom of the sea.‚ĽIt is like this that he remembers the most arduous decision of his long military career the responsible one by the sinking of the U-963, it was to 13.‚¬™ mission of the submarine, of the class VII-C, of the 11.‚¬™ Flotilla, based, in the ends of the World War II, in the fiordes of the Norway.
‚ęIt lift up here a very big commotion, never had seen a thing like this!‚Ľ J√¬ļlio Ramos 90 years, and a life of serve drinks to the fishermen in the Serra‚¬īs tavern,I smile when talk of that strange shipwreck, without victims. ‚ęThey did the greeting nazi and gave hurras to Hitler!‚Ľ

It was 11:00 of the morning of Sunday, 20 of May of 1945. Hundreds of locals returned of the capital, after participate in the biggest manifestation made in Lisbon. The people of Portugal witnessed to Carmona and to Salazar his enthusiastic applause and to its deep gratitude by the our politics of peace‚Ľ ‚‚ā¨" prayed to headline of the Newspaper"Di√°rio de Not√¬*cias" .
. Fernando Laurentino was a young boy and stayed to see the father‚¬īs boat,‚ę The sun rises for everybody -said my father‚Ľ, going to help the Germans that approach to the beach, in individual life boats. Maria Arra√ßada was 10 old years. ‚ęThey were skilful, pretty boys, came dressed with some t-shirts and some trousers that are now again in the fashion.‚Ľ The Germans sympathized with the gaiata (girls)and their friends
‚ętook them to the plaza, bought cherries, I guarded them in the cap of sailor, found a lot grace. one of them gave me a clock, that was worth 10 thousand r√©is to each one of us.

And we were all taut!‚Ľ is with laugh that remembers the history that the regime of Salazar, already converted to the interests of the Allied, tried to put out of the imaginary popular one. After some days of isolation in Peniche and outskirts of Lisbon, the Portuguese Government delivered the crew to the British naval authorities.The 47 men would return to the Germany in 1948, after three years of captivity.
Without white flag.
The U-963 left in ends of April of 1945, of the Norway, for give up mines in the english channel. The crew members tried still believe in a miracle, face to the Allied advancement. ‚ęHitler said us whenever still we had the possibility of winning the war‚Ľ, remembers the commander Wentz. When they emerge in the sea of the Ireland, in the beginning of May, they have the corroboration of that the conflict finish.But refuse the orders of surrender. After some argument,the idea of scuttle in a neutral country like Portugal came in order, where, expected, in principle would not have reprisals of sort some.They travel on the surface during the night, in
dive during the day, for avoid unpleasant meetings, the U-963 take eight days for the 4 500 quil√¬≥metros journey to Nazar√©.
The search of the submarine, initiated by the SIC(portuguese tv channel), integrated in 2004 the Program Science, Education and Marine Archeology. The Institute Hidrogr√°fico, to Marine, the University Aut√¬≥noma of Lisbon (UAL), the American Ocean Technology Foundation and University of Connecticut investigated, by the first time, a contemporary archaeological find in Portuguese waters.The "Delta" was the star of the mission. In form of cigar, more looks an invention of the Professor Sparrow, with chambers and capable arms of maneuver to 500 meters of depth. In theory, more than sufficient for find the destro√ßos located by the Institute Hidrogr√°fico in 1999/2000. ‚ęThe facts of magnetometria suggested the existence of an object. In the contact of sonar, the length, the width and the height calculated in function of the acoustic shade have dimensions practically like the of a German submarine VII-C‚Ľ, explains the geologist Lu√¬*s Rosa. The reading of the graphic indicates that the submarine is broke in two. The main body stayed some distance of the tower. When the "Delta" sub dive in the bay of the Nazar√© and disappeared in the depths to search the old Uboat, nobody concealed the nervous feelings aboard the "Schultz Xavier" Portuguese suport ship when arrived the first‚¬īs pics of the bottom: ‚ęThe visibility is zero! There are many sediments and particles in suspension.But we go in the direction of the German submarine.‚ęThe depth is of 79 meters‚Ľ, transmitted Dave by radio, to the bridge of the ship at the commands of the "Delta" sub, the pilot kept the calm, but admitted that despite of the hundreds of dives in the Pacific and Atlantic never live a situation so complicated. ‚ę we could be able to approach little more to the shipwreck 100 meters away when the Delta touched the bottom of the sea‚Ľ however, the decision was immediate: ‚ęWithout visibility and with cables and nets we could lose "Delta" sub. There is not conditions of security for find the submarine. ..‚Ľ By The radio, arrived the disillusion: ‚ęI Ask authorization for emerge.‚Ľ

‚ęIn the sea, we did not have all the condicions like the ship, the winds, the tides and many times the aggravating of the visibility be void‚Ľ, summarizes the archeologist Adolfo Silveira, director of the Center of Studies of the Sea of the UAL and brain of the mission to that lacked barely the happy end.
They called him ‚‚ā¨ňúThe Cradle'.
When received the submarine, in February of 1943, Karl Boddenberg, the first commander of the U-963, was a man worried about the pregnancy of his wife and with the increase of the family he whent aboard with some pieces of wood under the arm and after 67 days of work in the narrow bed where slept Boddenberg showed proud to the his astonished crew a cradle in wood for the son so the Uboat became acquaintance as "The Cradle" Rolfwerner-Wentz, as last commander of the U-963, maintain and encouraged the tradition, incorporated in the emblem and in the mystical of the ship, the original cradle was maintained by the family of Boddenberg and in some accurate copys built after the original slept at least 60 babys.
The majority of the crew members keep the brotherhood with regular meetings and some visits to the viewpoint in Nazar√©, with sight of the locaction of the shipwreck.To sudden possibility of journalists and historians will touch in the submarine provoked in the octogen√°rio, but still lucid, commander Wentz an enigmatic reaction: ‚ędo not wake him up, please! Leave him sleep in the ‚‚ā¨ňú Cradle'

Text write by Aur√©lio Faria for the magazine "Vis„o" n‚¬ļ 628 17 March 2005
And is the locaction
http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/9260/nazareuboat11gp.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

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