View Full Version : [PS4] Looking for a TF to replay campaign w/ a balance of milsim & fun. Extreme difficulty.

06-27-2019, 02:52 AM
PSN Name: lumberguy1028

I'm currently grinding my way through Ghost Mode. I wish the campaign had the features that Ghost Mode (i.e. can only switch weapons at crates, friendly fire, mag drops, only carrying 2 weapons) except for permadeath.

At the same time, I want to play the regular campaign less seriously, but still either on extreme or advanced with at least detection clouds disabled (You should have to do some reconnaissance in a game titled "Recon"). Not a fan of using vehicle drop offs (just for more immersion) but its not a dealbreaker. My play style is "Ranger".

I like using military jargon but won't freakout if someone doesn't know WTF I'm talking about.

I'm a great shot with MSR x T5xi Tactical scope. Otherwise, I'm happy with a good carbine

I'm also down for doing silly things like giving our characters ridiculous costumes, but I tend to choose my loadout based on really life SF teams and the terrain.


Looking to be invited to a task force or start a new one. I'm comfortable playing casual but do prefer milsim-y experience. Message me or invite me to a session on PSN "lumberguy1028".