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06-22-2019, 01:00 AM
Hi there, like many others, I am an avid Splinter cell Fan, and also like many others, I was disappointed when Ubisoft did not reveal a new Splinter Cell game this E3, so I thought why not explain why we need a new splinter cell in the videogame market and if you have any other reasons then please post them below.

1. A break from the norm
It's no secret that today's video game market is an oversaturated mess of Open world games, FPS, and TPS (third-person shooters) and the last time we had a proper stealth game would be MGS5 and even that game was open world, so why not bring in a linear stealth game that has a multiplayer mode which has never been done before, but will talk about that later. The point is that a new Splinter Cell would be a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated market.

2. A return of SvM
Remember Spies versus mercs, that game mode is still one of the most unique Multiplayer modes in gaming, combining two genres ( first-person shooters and stealth) in one elegant combo, oof, I would like more of that uniqueness please, on the real though SvM was so fun, when you were a spy you felt like a predator, spying on the unsuspecting mercs and giving them a little surprise, or playing as the Merc hunting the cowering spy, this game mode was pure bliss and It would be great to see it return in a multiplayer market saturated with Battle royal games.

Now I'm sure that there are many other reasons for this once great series, (considering I only listed two, which are sort of relating to each other the more I think about it) but I'm writing this at like 2 am and I really just want to go to sleep.

Please feel free to post why you think splinter cell should return.

02-15-2020, 08:58 PM
It should return because we need a proper stealth game.