View Full Version : Il2DCG Germany 43-45 ver. 2

01-19-2008, 05:33 AM
I'm happy to communicate I've started working over Il2DCG Germany 43-45 ver. 2

I please all Il2DCG Germany 43-45 ver 1.01 users to report experienced troubles or suggestions for fixes and guidelines into ver, 2 editing.
The way Germany 43-45 ver.2 will go after is yet unpredictable.

Some of the improvements I'm looking to are DCG related: to be realized, hopefully, with next DCG versions.
At present DCG3.37 betas are being tested over ver 1.01 and very recently over ver. 2: thanks to Paul efforts and to DCG-beta tester team dedication some ver 1.01 bugs have been fixed and campaign gaming has been improved....but, I'll not anticipate here DCG3.37 features.

New maps will be added to Germany 43-45 ver. 2.

Norway map: I'll work to add an Allied Strategic Bombing campaign agains Kriegsmarine U-boat facilities and German secret weaponry research & production plants in Norway. It will be playable as German and USAAF career.
Norway map could also host an Artic Convoyes war, most enjoyable, for gaming as a German player career.

Czechoslovakia map: I've not yet put eyes over this map coming with Il-2 patch 4.09-beta.
I'll wait for the release of the official patch: anyway I estimate it of great interest allowing to carry the Allied Strategic bombing campaign over the Southernmost region of the Reich.

What if: fictional campaigns
Il-2 1946 has added a mess of prototipe planes for the German and Russian side.
USAAF P-80A and B-29 are also represented in Il-2 plane database.
I'm thinking of a fictional late 40s Campaign with USAAF and Soviet Union carring the strtegic war over the heart of the Reich.

stay tuned for news.......