View Full Version : Question about Arcade

06-18-2019, 04:27 PM

I was wondering if I bought Marching Fire now, would I still have access to all the quests that released so far or only to this week's and the one's after this one?
Thank you for the help.

06-18-2019, 05:03 PM

Well if you buy it you will have access to the current mission of the week, there is no option to select the mission from previous weeks.

But the good thing is that the missions started to cycle a couple of weeks ago, so right now we are playing weekly missions that we played at the beginning of Marching Fire. I’m sure that will keep happening in the future so you will be able to play them all eventually.

06-18-2019, 08:47 PM
The way the quests/missions are set up, they are randomly generated, the perks, maps and enemies you face will be different every time.

The only time this changes is for the weekly Quests, they are custom made. They can be completed multiple times per week but you only get one per week to play.