View Full Version : Lots of Issues with Just Dance Now 3.0

06-18-2019, 02:56 AM

My Dancer ID is NA58478090fe17b6f23a6a4b9d. I have been having problems for the last three days with Just Dance Now on Chrome, Chrome Incognito, Edge and Android. First off, there were times that I tried to log into the room with my phone, but it does it automatically on my Windows 10 laptop. Then when I tried redo it the room number doesn't load. When I tried to get into Edge and Chrome Incognito on my Android I get "Glitzy (room master) is choosing a song..." Then also when I do try to get into a room, the app or both the app and the laptop cuts me off in the middle of a song.

I have been complaining about these issues since the upgrade to 3.0. They say that there is something wrong with my ISP. There is nothing wrong with my ISP. I had the ISP guy come and he says that there is nothing wrong. My internet is a 5G. I also live in an apartment.So my wi-fi is competing with other wi-fis.

Also, I did mention this constantly annoying issue that pops up. I like to dance alone and I do click on being alone. But I still get a fellow dancer wanting to dance with me. Now the common fix is to clear the browser cache. THAT NEVER WORKS. Ever time I do clear my cache, a dancer reappears hours or days later when I still want to dance by myself. Is there a permanent solution to this issue? Because clearing the cache is only temporary.

The first one (The constant loading issues and being cut off in the middle of a song) is now a big problem for three days. I did contact someone from Ubisoft and they responded for me to write my Dancer ID, which I did, but no one bothers to read the threads.

I really do need someone to fix these issues. I am sick and tired of them thinking that it's my issue and not on their ends (Sometimes that happens).