View Full Version : Some questions about the tool and his updates

06-17-2019, 11:35 PM
Yes, I know it's early to talk about that, but I was thinking about some questions about the tool's updates

What will be the frequency of updates? (Monthly update, like for the game or maybe "When it's ready" updates?)

How will they take care of suggestions and bugs at the same time?

I personally like monthly updates with both bug fixes and feature implementation. (With maybe a video of the upcoming features like for the game)

Will we get a mobile app for the tool? (A lot of people would be glad, also me) (And maybe also a desktop app)

I tried the web tool on 2 different phones (and 2 different browsers: stock with desktop string and Chrome)
but it is unusable... There's a clear message that says "A 900px display is recommended", but I think that using this creator on a phone would be so much regarding for the community.

It isn't my case, but for example, console players don't always have a good computer (or maybe they haven't got one), so without an in-game editor, the first thing that they would do is use their phone to access the tool, without results.

And also, creating stories while relaxing on a couch or a bed would be so much good.

Will an in-game stories searcher be implemented? (And also a language filter for the suggested ones, with multiple languages choices)

Pretty self-explanatory, just a question I was wondering while playing some stories.

These questions aren't only for Ubisoft, but also for you guys! What do you think?

(Sorry for any errors, English isn't my main language)