View Full Version : Hyper armor needs to be removed, stuns need to me less affective.

06-17-2019, 02:42 PM
I can't even stand playing 4vs4 anymore the fun and skill is just gone, all you get now is stun after stun, you try to fight back oh rip everyone has hyper armor now, revenge is broken and doesn't even build when you get attacked anymore, even when you do manage to activate it, you still die because of the amount of high damage coming in, even if you parry 3 guys by the time the parry animation is over the first guy can hit you again, feels like defence is gone in 4vs4, assassins are garbage in this mode reflex guard is useless why do they still have it? It's not like they do more damage than other heroes anymore, devs said it was to balance them years ago because of high dps they had less health and reflex guard, them days are long gone so why not remove it, I mean it's stupid anyway in a real fight if some guy swings a weapon at you, would you suddenly drop you guard for no reason lmao.