View Full Version : A request about in-game radio stations...

06-17-2019, 02:34 AM
Any chance you guys could borrow the SELF Radio idea from GTAV so for once, in a Watch_Dogs game, everyone can have the kind of music they want and be happy? Just think about it...all you have to do is provide the DJ banter, create some news reports and radio ads, and you can license out the cheapest, public domain music you want for the other radio stations because we can supply our own music...it's a bloody win-win situation. I truly, truly hope the developers consider this because while the first two Watch_Dogs were great games, next to the driving, the music was the weakest link, IMO.

06-21-2019, 08:12 PM
Pardon me, but I'm confused; what's that got to do with asking for a way to use custom music for a radio station like in GTA V? :confused: