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06-16-2019, 11:47 AM

It was fun at first, but then we all realized it was actually ****. A super objective heavy game mode was the selling point but its actually just a gank fest where the defending team non stop hunts down the attackers to the point of spawn killing so they can shave off their supply of respawns. Not all of this is meant to literally be changed but its just a list of clear issues with solutions. if you pick and choose a couple things we are still much closer to balance.

I am going to break down each aspect of breach.


The ram as it is now is pretty good. The one main suggestion I have is that if someone is dumping cauldron while the ram hits the gate, cauldron animation should get reset as if someone hit you in the back.


The minions are AWFUL. They are so focused on the player.during minion on minion fights that its disgusting. You can watch minions literally disengage each other, walk through your wall of minions, and stab you in the *** while executing. Minions should cower in fear but still move towards the objective when witnessing an executuion.

They have incredible amounts of health for literally no reason and they aren't affected by Anti-Damage Stacking. SO they are able to drop an instant 50+ damage on a hero every 3 seconds. They should have their damaged halved or heroes should do multiplied damage to them to make them 1-2 hit kill depending on the hero.

They are able to ignore other minions and attack the ram. This allows them to continuously damage the ram without pausing the ram. The defending minions should circulate the ram better and engage enemy minions within range.


Is either way too easy to capture or its impossible to capture. The attackers should get double the amount of minions pressing the rampart. This would ensure that without defender intervention the rampart would surely be taken by the attackers. This is good because as it was mentioned before it is too practical for defenders to play death-match in breach. If they are to take that approach they should suffer by having the minions take take over their objectives

All objectives should have capture milestones. 50% and the regular 100%. If you haven't captured the obj to 50% the defenders should be able to counter-capture progress to 0%. If you are almost at 100% and get killed, the defenders should be able to counter cap it back to 50%.

The Cauldron objective should be reversible so it acts like dominion point B where once you clear the enemies it is immediately yours.


Commander is incredibly magnetic and easy to parry. His unblockables should not be able to be parried. He should be near impossible to fight solo with out trading damage.

Commander is WAY too hard to heal.

Nobody should be able to get revenge in the presence of the commander. Not even the defenders.

Commanders pathing and combat AI is awful. He needs to be optimized to use his revenge and bombs correctly.

Commander should drop a stalwart banner to heal himself and allies after battle involving enemy heroes. It should also have a cool down of 2ish minutes so he is not spamming it.


Personally I think it should just get removed entirely. It doesn't belong in breach. It is just a cool mechanic on that one dominion map and even then its cheap mechanic.


The ballista in the final phase should either be unable to directly damage the commander. Instead it should knock him over or interrupt attacks so It has to be used in coordination with a team attack.

The ballista should store 3-5 shots and it should take 15-25 seconds to recharge 1 shot to the stockpile. So just like the sex life of a ballista user, they can only give a couple or disappointing quick pumps before having to wait for more ammo. It should be used as a small nuisance. As it is now I have met many players that aren't even maning Orochi or Shinobi, they are literally a ballista main.


Spawn killing is a thing, don't deny it. It is also incredibly easy and effective.

When the ram becomes docked and the cauldron objective is captured, defenders spawn should be shifted backwards. I am not entirely sure where but somewhere around the next phases healing beacon or second rampart objective. The cauldron is the centre piece of this sub-phase so I am not sure why the defenders should spawn on top of it with infinite lives while the attackers risk losing theirs by running into the belly of the beast. It is just one of those things where it's too easy to keep charging the attackers and wasting their time with no consequence. This way having to run over there is a penalty.

This brings me to my next point. WHAT ARE THE SPAWN TIMES? They are TOO LONG. at the end of the match I am literally forced to watch a 10second execution and then an added 30seconds of respawn. I would say players average 15-20 deaths per game. The average amount of time for each respawn is around 22 seconds. On average 5-7minutes of your 30 minute match are spent with your controller set down and waiting. Spawn wait times should start at 12 seconds and cap at 20 seconds and start the exact second you die regardless of any executions.

Respawning as an attacker should require you to hold your respawn button for 2 full seconds and should get canceled if you are being revived. I can't even count the amount of people who respawn while I am reviving them and it is very aggravating when losing due to respawns being used.

Defenders should not be revivable.


Every phase has this. It is where all the team battles happen.

Stop putting the beacons in chokepoints where people can literally block you out with their MASSIVE hit-boxes and there is nothing you can do.

If the opposing team enters a healing beacon even for 1ms it should be reset to neutral and require a full 3 seconds of uncontested attention to be recaptured. There are a lot of bugs with people healing in the healing beacon during battles and even while being contested. In general no team should be winning a team battle because of the fat hit-box turtle meta.

Make the beacons contest area bigger than the healing area to help prevent hit-box blockades.

Should defenders even be able to heal? They have infinite lives, are able to be revived, and are way less likely to be executed or have their dead body guarded unlike an attacker. It also gives them a good excuse to perpetuate team battles and stand around for low health attackers to accidentally stumble into them.


Banner should have more attention HUD wise. Maybe a tiny progress wheel in the corner so I don't have to spam timers on my phone.

Speed pick ups should be COMPLETELY negated by the banner.

Speed feats should deactivate while carrying the banner.

Shinobi should not get a speed bonus from Naruto run while carrying the banner.

Super stupid slow characters like Shugoki or Highlander should not get speed debuffs from the banner.

Essentially there should be a global set speed for the banner regardless hero stats of buffs, and it should be a nice walking pace. The banner is way to important to just instantly loose to a shaman with rush and speed booties.

Also what idiot placed the defender banner capture points on Kazan Castle? The points need to be in danger of attack from the minions. Likewise with the ram if it halted and not cleared of enemy minions.


He should give WAY more points to people who solo him.

Should give his buffs and renown in phases not all at once. Speed booties at 50% health. Shield at 25%. Damage at death. Whatever team pushes him over the threshold should get the xp and buff of that phase.

Should get progressively hard through the phases. More bomb spam and revenge

Should only use his fire flask when two teams are in his arena to discourage stream sniping and to encourage a team battle with winner takes guardian.


I just want to see this game in general properly fixed and cared for. Before people try to attack me for 'X' point; his whole list is not necessary and if everything was changed like this it would break breach even more. but with proper selection of certain ideas it would easily become much more balanced, enjoyable, and less of a fancy deathmatch.

Let me know what you guys think. Is breach perfectly fine as it is? Perhaps the main issue is matchmaking, character balance, and bugs? Or do you feel breach is pretty defender biased and needs changes to make it feel like a real journey to the objective and not another deathmatch game mode?

I could say a lot more on this topic but I have spent enough time typing for one day.

Thanks for reading!