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06-14-2019, 05:48 PM
After playing this game quite a bit. I have to say it's incredibly fun and addictive.I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a game and to get my hands on any type of access I can. Everything comes together well from the ambiance that the caster offers in Mexico as well as the crowd to the thrill of getting a breakaway for a lap 2 or 3 and scoring. I am incredibly sad to not be able to play for a while but extremely excited for what the devs are going to do to improve and expand upon this game. With it being pre - alpha however there are of course some issues that I (having played a lot of games) came across. I would like to say however before I get into the issues that for the game being pre -alpha it was decently stable and worked well. Time to move forward however! Onward!


Mexico matches were laggy (some Acapulco): I found this to be the case mostly in the E3 Mexico matches. There were three stages of lag I experienced at this time. One instance is where I was completed disconnected from the match for others however on my screen I was stuttering up in down in place or skating in a straight jagged line almost like no clipping through the bottom of the map. The second instance would happen when either gain speed, pick up the ball, or a huge dog pile around the ball happened (seemed to be events where there was high clutter or movement), The game would freeze for a couple seconds and I would be stuck in place then shortly after teleport to another location in front of me. The third was basically a smaller version of the second, shorter teleports but frequently strung together like 2-4 times in a row. Sometimes this made Mexico games completely unplayable and I would have to leave (sorry if I ruined your game :( ).

Fix: Possibly for the first instance a better net code for the servers would be helpful or maybe more servers in different locations. For the second and third instance maybe a higher tick rate on the server so that it refreshes more often. I think that this is more important than anything because the game is fast paced so the server consistently needs to be refreshing at a high quality.

Lack of Keybinds for PC: I think i was one of the few players that played this on PC with a keyboard but I have to say if you were using the original binds and playing this it was near impossible to be good. Making the skate button next to the speed gain button was a bad idea. I ended up switching my keybinds by switching my keys on my computer I noticed that Space worked amazing for the speed up and rebinding jump to either left cntrl (if ur ok with that pinky movement) or e was easier. Since you use the speed up and the skate button all match whilst using the original controls my pinky was super sore after only like 3 matches.

Fix: Just allow players to be able to set their own keybinds. It should be in the menu not just the controller controls. You definitely should not expect every person to play this game only with a controller when it is extremely viable for keyboard with the right controls enabled.

Communication: I never played Rocket League but I know a majority of people who are somewhat good at it use voice comms however Im fairly certain that the game doesn't offer it by default. As a player that plays alone a good amount of the time this discourages me from playing the game as I would either need to find a group (which I don't care to do) or I'd have to deal with randoms I can't talk to. In games where TEAMWORK is key VOIP is essential is what I'm trying to get at. For the people playing by themselves in two's even three's a good in game voice system with a good voice codec would be amazing. I think it would make the game easier for everyone as more experienced players can help out less experienced players, passes and plays can be communicate effectively and efficiently and relationships through the game can be made easier. Of course when considering VoiP you have to consider the whole spectrum of players (and personalities trolololol) that will be playing the game. For those certain.... undesirable mic spammers, throwers and trolls I suggest implementing a block, avoid as teammate and mute functionality in the game. avoid as teammate can be set to a limit (x) amount at a time for (x) amount of time only if you like. Text Chat also needs to be available during games as well as more quick chat items.

Fix: add VoiP with a good codec, implement a mute feature for TEXT and VOICE. both. that is important. Text chat between players in game needs to be available for possible typing between plays and after goals or before drives. Quick chat needs more options even perhaps a place in the menus where you have a bunch of options and you can sub like 4-8 or so in and out (kind of like Dota 2).

MMR Balancing: Not sure how mmr worked during the alpha, however I'm fairly sure the only thing that really counted was goals you made and wins which in a team based game is a catastrophically terrible way to do mmr. Points need to be awarded for stops and assist as well as blocks to promote team play BADLY. Many of my matches turned into who can score the ball by themselves first with more points (I had this mind set too). This is because there simply isn't a reward for team play other then the win which isn't enough.

Fix: MMR needs to somehow take into account blocking for your ball carrier, assisting a goal with a pass at any stage of lap progress not just the end, tackling the ball carrier or intercepting and of course goal tending (which needs to be harder people can literally sit in the goal and camp btw.) Note: these variables can all be changed at devs will for example a pass in the beginning of a drive should be worth less then a assist at the end on goal.

Spin move is a little overpowered: I've heard quite a lot of players say this and I have to agree the spin move from the ball carrier is a bit too overpowered. I like it, but even in real life if some spins and you hit them straight on they will still get tackled. Its annoying running directly into a player with a tackle (literally halting their forward movement because your player models collided) and the spin just ignoring the tackle.

Fix: I feel as if the ball carrier should have four moves they can kind of do (kind of like in Madden) where the spin move is one maybe a stiff arm, a quick juke back and some other move they can pick from. You can pick from 4 but upon activation of one the all ball carrier abilities go on cooldown for (x) amount of seconds. I think this increases the skill cap for ball carrying (which as of now is decently low its not hard to spam left click) by making the player chose the right option. Each ability should have its weaknesses and used wrong should lead to a tackle if the enemy team earns it. Regardless of anything the spin move just needs to be nerfed even if you just stick with that.

For as much feedback I have for the game to improve I think with a lot of these things if not all would heavily improve game play experience. I definitely see this game developing into a possible esport with the correct changes and balances. I will be the first to say that I'm not a video game designer or developer so if the wrong terminology was used at some points I apologize. I genuinely would love to make this game as great as it can be because I think its an amazing experience that a lot of people can enjoy. Overall, I am sad to see this game go for now but I know with the devs listening in itll be something really really special

-Thanks so much for reading this long post it was made because I care :)

- LYLT [+]
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P.S: For some reason I keep having this idea of making an arena maybe in the woodlands somewhere (Alaskan Wilderness type area maybe) making the goal like a wreath of vines or branches, has some potential for some beautiful scenery that or maybe in a Tropical Jungle (Amazon). I feel like the vibe would be amazing. If you take this idea put a small thundercloud with lighting on it somewhere in the arena it'd be really cool to have a little mark on the game hehe :)