View Full Version : Vote for bot level

06-14-2019, 05:41 PM
I know it has been brought up a hundred times but here it is again. Can we just pick the bot level already? Ages ago when I played everyday PvP then jumped into an AI match my bots were level 2-3. Now I don't play often and hardly go into PvP games and it is no challenge vs level 1 bots. My k/d vs them has to be 100:1. How hard can it be to add the option to vote on bot level just like vote on map. Make lvl 1,2 and 3 and if no one votes it is lvl 1 by default. Selectable bot lvl has been brought up for years and still not addressed.

That would have been a bigger deal at E3 than the trailer we got for the new mode which is meh. Side note, if the minions were random, ran around the map, and were not 1 hit kills the mode might have been good. But having the minions appear in the same locations, all of the same type, and not move anywhere is far too easy. Run to this platform sneeze on them taking out all four, run here and one swing take out all five, run back harvest them. It could have been better.

Anyway can selectable bot lvls be a thing? At least acknowledge it during a q & a, saying why you don't want it. If people I'm matched with are at my skill lvl then they should handle lvl 2 easily and even lvl 3.