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06-13-2019, 01:38 PM
So, first of all, i was a bit disappointed that we didn't got to see small bits of the new viking hero and the coming reworks, BUT this event is not TRASH as many call it, it is called "trash" because everyone was expecting something else and getting a small event wasn't enough therefore making it even worse, but im here to tell what i was expecting from the event.

The trailer to the new event was HUGE, very well done, and just imagining fighting that Hitokiri while collecting souls to empower yourself and your allies with bonuses and stuff, maybe enchants and potions, who could've knew, and because i didn't knew what the mode really was and meant, i got really hyped.

Seeing the effects in-game was HUGE, they look awesome, and because of my hype that was building up, the effects were just helping.

3Days Limited
Seeing a 3Day countdown that made me wanna hurry up really fast to play the new mode that i thought it was a boss battle with crazy new mechanics,phases, even "add" fights all being locked behind a small grind door that was being protected by some elite guards of some sort, and maybe before entering the boss room you would collect souls from hopeless soldiers that you then trade in for potions and buffs to further help your team expecting a long fight.

Playing It
For the first few seconds of entering i felt like an epic warrior, already planned my paths and stuff on the playable map, to then see another team fighting against us.
I though we were battling till one lost then we could get to the other phase where we would prepare for the huge Hitokiri fight., and as i was playing it i noticed two zones that looked like zones where a vendor would stay after you win so upon reaching the zone i saw 4 guards, and to my mind, i thought that assassinating them would be better for us, so i jump on one's head and then kill the others to then realize that they were dominion like soliders, so i go kill some more then i with the 40 souls i've collected i go to the "vendor" zone to capture it and release my souls, hoping i could buy upgrades and stuff..
At that point, i said to my self "there is no way that early in-game we could prepare for the fight", but then i get jumped by two enemies, which i thought were trying to stop me from delivering the souls to get some upgrades but, they killed me, stole my souls and captured the point themselves, i saw them gained some sort of revenge with a glass breaking effect that made be think it was an upgrade of some sort, but no, i was just a revenge activation, and sooner realized that there is no boss fight neither upgrades nor buffs and no elite guards, it was just like a dominion match but with no points and soldiers just granting more points for you to turn in to reach 1000 souls to then chase the enemy that is swinging all over the map making it almost impossible without a proper team..

Was really disappointed that it wasn't a boss battle including Hitokiri or just an elite spawn that was Hitokiri let alone the new reworks and hero... instead we got this new version of dominion that makes you carry points based on solider kills that you can deliver to put the number of souls to you winning bar...

And here i'll list my two best friends reaction to this while i was within a call with both.

Friend1: "What a lovely way of killing this game"
Friend2: "Of course, of course, the newly added execution is exquisite and perfect for killing this game."
Me: "How much you think it will cost, seeing it's so cool?"
Friend1: "Probably 7K as usual"
Friend2: "Good question, but from what im seeing it must be the whole population of this game."

And then we just laughed...

But really, this was disappointing.