View Full Version : Feedback from a casual player

06-12-2019, 08:24 PM
What i want

SPEED : i want to feel faster
FREEDOM : I want to have more freedom of movement, right now jumping at the apex of a "ramp" feels great, but landing back is awkward and kills off so much speed.
MORE : i wanna have more to do, right now it feels like a very shallow experience and not much room to be creative and strategize except for passing the ball and cheesing mechanics. maybe some let us set up some traps or items that give us an advantage like a rope between 2 players that can trip up the holder of the ball for example.
MUSIC: i want to have rocking synth in my eardrums during the game instead of cheering, i get you're trying to immerse me but having no music actually takes me out of the game.

What i like

ART : the Art style is fantastic, it's pleasant and simple, the audio as well, i like the whole monday night combat feel. and the music is primo
CONCEPT : i like what you guys came up with, actively including a racing mechanic with a scoring mechanic, this is new and fresh to me, i'd love to see more elaborate courses.

06-12-2019, 10:05 PM
I don't believe jumping is meant to create craziness. It can be a useful dodge and shot block tactic in its current form. Jumping and hitting a downward slope doesn't make us lose much, if any in the way of speed. As someone who has spent a ton of time with the ball and attacking it, I do not like the idea of it being any easier to take out the carrier. The only time its possible to juke two on-target hits is if they are on top of you. If one of them is only slightly behind, you're sitting duck.

The idea of "mario karting" with traps and ropes and stuff is a huge turn off because then it would be way too easy to take the ball and near impossible to actually do much as the ball holder. If anything, the invuln state of a juke could be increased very slightly.

I think the idea of feeling faster can subjective. There are times when pumping that there's crazy speed can be reached already.