View Full Version : Suggestions for dodging/tackling

06-12-2019, 07:16 PM
While a lot of people have suggested a cooldown after dodging/tackling, I feel a good way to reduce spamming of both would be to get rid of the iframes when dodging and the lock on when tackling. Right now, you dodge by moving the stick in a direction and pressing X, and the lock on nature of the tackle doesn't seem to consistently know what to do in response. If you could aim a dodge with the stick like a tackle it would add a greater skill level as without the iframes on the dodge, both players would have to predict which way the other wants to go. It would also mean that a player with the ball couldn't constantly kite two or three people with the same dodge, even if the other players were coordinating their tackles.
Removing iframes on a dodge would also get rid of the frustration of having an opponent seemingly warp through your head on tackle. It makes no sense logically as to why someone would not be punished for trying to dodge straight though an opponent.