View Full Version : Feedback and Wishlist Changes Thread.

Webbie 27
06-11-2019, 07:09 PM
Been having a blast with this game but I can already think of a few things that would be good for this game.

Point 1
Currently I can go into a match, spawn camp the ball and begin my run. I can get 3 laps fairly quickly and end the game in about a minute. Obviously the games fresh and there's lots of new people so it's taking advantage of that fact, but there's nothing that incentives me to pass when I know I can storm the match.

Potential Changes

Have the amount of laps correspond to points, 1 lap 1 point, 2:2, 3:3 and cap out at 3.
Give more points if the combined run incorporates players. 3 lap run with all 3 players touching the ball is 5 points. I understand this is more complex than the mode as is, so perhaps it would fit in as it's own 'Champions' mode or Ranked play that encourages teamwork.

Point 2
I can as the Orange team, currently move a little and wait for the ball to roll to me off of start and begin a 3 lap run.

Potential Changes

Have teams swap sides randomly on a match by match basis.
Have team positions reset after a goal.
Have the ball potentially roll onto either side.

Point 3
A lot of new players are joining in a match and just sitting there, figuring out the controls.

Potential Changes

Have a practice mode/bot mode or even a Single Player league mode to ease new players into it, some might miss the video tutorial on boot up. Having a safe place to practice will be good for new players and a single player league mode will be a great way for players to unlock customizations easily without buying into whatever fortnite/lootbox model you have planned.

Point 4
Now this ones a hard one. Tackle Spam. I can spam tackle and knockdown the entire team, or tackle players that aren't even near the ball. Sure it halts there progress but I feel like it can be abused.

Potential Changes

Potentially add a slower cooldown on tackle for foul tackles.
Slow my momentum a bit for a Foul Tackle.

Point 5
Give me more incentives to be like a champion.

Potential Changes

Give me fans for successful passes/teamplay. If I pass the ball and my teammate dunks in, acknowledge me too.
Flair, if I score and then Default Dance on the oppositions, my fans would go wild, give me fans for celebrating in a replay.
If I don't get tackled a whole game, that's fans.
If I make a killer Tackle, give me fans.

Wishlist Changes, to make the game the best it can be.

Your main competitor here is Rocket League and you know it. So here's some changes that will make it a worthy competitor at launch.

More Quick Chat Options, Copy Rocket Leagues system exactly. No shame there. Have me press left once to open a submenu of options. Allow in settings to customise those messages from pre-selected messages.
Another nice change to steal from Rocket League, allow music to be played in matches. You've got a fairly banging soundtrack going so far, let me listen to it more.
Ranked Play, with Seasonal Rewards, open it up a few weeks after launch, not months, interest will die quick otherwise.
Free to Play. If you're doing F2P, the next two points apply, if you're not? Ignore them, don't you dare touch them.
If you're going to do a battlepass, which wouldn't surprise me, allow me to access older season battlepasses to. Look at Halo Reach PC 'Seasons' for how they're doing it, it's a good model. Plus you have unlimited potential of revenue then. Months down the line players will still give money for Season 1 Battlepass even though you're on Season 4.
No f***ing lootboxes please. Or if you're going to, don't let me buy them or a key for them. Have me unlock one every 1K fans or something and that's all.
I'm sure you have a lot in mind for post-launch but don't stop doing maps. Aim for 3-6 a year. Trust me.
This is a fun game, don't be afraid to have fun with it. Try new modes and let us try them too.

This game is great fun, continue to have fun with and keep an open line with the players for what they like and what they don't. And it will end up great.