View Full Version : Feedback | [3-4 hours]

06-11-2019, 04:04 PM
General feeling: The game is awesome *clap clap*

Main problems:
- Tackle/dodge spamming
- The ball spawns in the same spot
- There is no way to talk to your mates (different than "gg", "sorry",...) // Pretty obvious but important anyway
- No practise mode // Pretty obvious but important anyway
- Fix the camera

- Add another way to make a pass (at the moment, it seems that make a successful pass is random) --> Possibility to control the strength of the pass
--> No need to press (Y) to receive a ball
- The team that took a goal have a better chance to get the ball first

It seems that all the characters have not the same stats (speed, strength, ...), do you guys have the same feeling about this ? :D

Discaimer: Excuse me for potential mistakes