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06-08-2019, 09:16 PM
(This is a rant so if you don't really care move on) As we all know some characters and certain gameplay aspects make this game a nightmare to play. I suggest that matchmaking runs off of reputation, I have played too many games where little rep 57 me and my three rep 20 teamates are up against four rep 450s (yes this has happened several times). Ganking obviously needs to be tweaked as well as I have been jammed in a corner and killed faster than you can say wtf so many times I've actually broken a few controllers trying to anti-gank. I'm not breaking the controllers out of sweaty rage I mean I'm trying so hard to survive my controllers say "screw that". As for characters, when did we ask for raider to be "reworked" (i.e busted)? make his taps slower and put his zone back. Raiders zone flexibility is as if the wardens crushing counterstrike can be done from any position. Hitokiri's attack radius should be nerfed. As a shaolin trying to doge it and then realizing that hitokiri makes your hitbox the size of a small planet is so irritating. Myugen-ryu shouldn't be able to exist. A blocked attack should have room for the defender to punish. Not have a skinny japanese man hack and cleave at you with attacks that happen faster than human reaction speed (the average person reacts to things around 400ms). You know Hitokiri's guaranteed executions? You know breach? The gamemode where executions are the sole difference between a win or a loss? Get rid of the guarantees or at the very least ban hitokiri from breach. I have some dirt for my main, the Shaolin. What bought me into the game was how realistic the combat seemed. Sure perks, feats, and having life bars somewhat break the illusion of realism, but what in fresh hell was ubisoft thinking when the idea of straight up Chinese teleportation was added to the game??? That's about all my complaints at the moment, but I'm sure I'll add to this thread when the next update or "balance rework" comes out.

06-08-2019, 10:09 PM
Hitokiri's feat although op can be easily dodged. Raider needs a nerf since he is too fast and does waay too much damage. Myugen ru is kinda worthless since spamming heavies will easily end up getting parried and punished