View Full Version : Why For Honor is so Unstable ?

06-05-2019, 10:30 PM
1. Shield Bashes Spams must need to spend more stamina. Prior, Conqueror and Valkrie.
2. Unpredictable Raider. There is no any penalty for his moves. And need so less stamina than other heroes. And he has everything in game. White attacks. Heavy to top light, heavy to guardbreak and if he hits from side its white. My brain does not answer for his moves. I dont know maybe im so bad. But when i see raider i want to puke...
3. Unbalanced matchmaking nearly last 30 games i got too higher enemies. And useless teammates. İf someone can check it i mean any responsible person here. Please look at it. I dont want to play against 200+ rep players. Im just 83. and my team mates ofc nearly 50,60.

Yeah i agreed games finding match quickly. but there is no quality no challenge. Never get same skills players. So ez or so rip.
and sorry for my language too