View Full Version : Took a break game is still ****. Ubisoft you guys have failed miserably.

05-30-2019, 09:36 PM
So I took a break from the game I sold it and two others and bough BO4 well worth it. So i decided to buy it again of ebay for very cheap I am glad I did because this game hasnt changed one bit this game is still terrible and it gotten even worse. The jump fest still as strong or maybe even worse but its impossible to stop people from playing like ****. The mechanics still are crap and they combat is still ****. Yall keep adding more heroes instead of fix the ones you already have. I have no idea how good the PC version is but the Xbox one version completely ****ing blows. This server is horse **** constant lag. UBISOFT YOU HAVE FAILED THIS GAME. I am probably gonna suspended because of my post but idc freedom of speech I can voice my opinion bout this ****ty *** game and UBISOFT complete failure. Cant wait for Gear 5 maybe a little more competitive and skills then the *** fest thats constantly on this game.