View Full Version : Basic ideas for a new samurai hero.

05-30-2019, 08:52 PM
The sheathed samurai. Can't Block, Nor GuardBreak. (can Counter Guard Break) he is a samurai who mostly has hes sword sheathed,
to the Opponent hes guard will always be to the right, although to the samurai hes Guard will always be to the left. he can Change hes Stance though although the Opponent will not see that. he can parry Like all other heros, by Pulling out half of the Katana and colide the Hilt with the enemys Weapon and then sheath hes katana and then Strike with a Wide attack From Left to right. this attack is garantide after any Parry and does morderet Damage. if the enemy faints and the Samurai trys to parry he will Pull half hes katana and become vaunrebly to guardbreak for a short Time, ( so on Rightclick he doesn't have any heavys, Just parry and failed Parrys, and after a failed parry if he doesn't get punished the samurai will Just simply sheath hes Katana agen) (hes Left click is simply a heavy from the samurais Left side, if this left click isn't parried he will enter a state where hes katana is Drawn, he will get a new set of attacks where he get Normal heavys and Lights but the Only defence he will have in this state is dodgeing the only punish he gets from fainting a heavy in this state is most likely a Light. but can only chose 3 attacks before returning the katana to the sheath (fainting counts and one of those 3 attacks) (the samurai can dash farward and buardbreak this will make the samurai Draw Half of the katana and bash the top of the hilt into the enemys stomach wich will temorary remove the enemys widget and garanti a follow up light if the hilt connects. and the followup light will also make the samurai enter the previusly mesioned offensive state. the samurai can also dash farward and press Leftclick, to do a dash attack wich is like the Normal Left click heavy from the sheath but does more Damage. (if any of thise attacks get parried from the sheath, the katana will just imegetly end up in the sheath agen)

(Like mensioned before after the samurai parries an enemy with the hilt of hes half drawn katana he will completely sheath it agen and then strike with a wide attack from Left to right that does alot of damage) and all enemys hit from this attack will remain stunned until the katana is properly sheathed, and if the samurai uneffected by anything from the moment the samurai parry to after he has properly sheathed hes katana, then he will aply a combo Point to the parried enemy. when 3 combo points has been aplyed to one enemy the samurai can press rightclick while the katana is sheathed, and the katana will be thrust through the enemys stomach, the animation of this attack will be similar to (skewer used in chains)
the moment he has penetrated the enemy a bleed will be aplyed, it will be alittle bit of a dramatic personal moment (for 3 seconds maybe) and then the samurai will twist the katana and the bleeding Damage will be Done in an instant. if the 3 second get interupted and the katana doesn't get twisted the Bleed will just simply ramain a bleed
(if the samurai gets Parried while in the Offensive state he will imedetly be returned
to sheathed) (exicuteions this hero will have is basically just the Hero sheathing the katana, one execute is just slamming the katana in to its sheath horoconticly in front of himself, while another example he sheaths the katana with grace and precision while one knee on the ground Non- horoconticly) ( the samurais Zone is a Bash with the sheath itself, with a garantid followup light that also makes the samurai enter the offenceve drawn katana state, (no mater how he enters that state he always only have 3 Moves before returning the katana to the sheath) ( the design of the hero, Long hair, young, a cloth coat down to the Knees)