View Full Version : Just want to inform everyone about balance.

05-30-2019, 04:42 PM
I've noticed since the very beginning the overwhelming complaint (aside from inconsistent character reworks and new character releases) is matchmaking.
You all need to realise that this game is 3 years old. Rarely has the player count been high enough for perfectly balanced games in terms of rep. Newbies see rep and begin Complaining not realising this problem has been worked on extensively throughout for honors 3 year life. There are a ton of variables in matchmaking including and not limited to player skill, and player skill often can exceed players rep and the other way around. So regardless of rep youre mostly being matched by individual performance.
If you did good last game, chances are youll face someone with high skill next game.

And we all need to realise with lower player counts creates matchmaking problems ie: extremely long wait times, and high gaps in skill and rep, as well as being matched with other countries whos internet might effect game quality. This is inevitable and cannot be fixed unless 50k players come back (which wont happen till ubi gets its head out of its own ***). So please when youre writing feedback on matchmaking, remember youre playing a game managed by a relatively small team (compared to other aaa titles) and the game isnt as popular as we all would love it to be.

Ive come accross an instance playing last night where in ranked duels (im a plat iv) i was matched with a player whos overall rep was 2 and character wasnt repped (he clearly just got the game) it said our skill level was equal but he was unranked. Now this is a situation where the variables are a little confusing but in reality its alot simpler.
At first i thought "wow thanks ubi, this is balance?" And the player complained through the whole match. Especially since the matchmaking in ranked should be 1000000x more strict. After defeating him i realised. In this particular instance it was 3am, the ranked player count was low, and he mustve won his last match or plays really well in other game modes to make his skill level higher. (Perhaps skill could be split into individual game modes?) Overall the point is matchmaking is as good as its gonna get and complaining about it wont help you get better. Best thing to do is power through it and learn. Observe your opponent and take it as a lesson from your superior. (As long as hes not spam emoting you, and if youre a high rep spam emoting noobs youre a scumbag.) Ultimately people like that are a reason theres a low player count. We're considered an extremely toxic community by many. I wish that would change. The game is what we make it guys...ubi has been pretty good at keeping up with our suggestions although not right away. We complained about wl headbutt, now hes unviable. we complained about the def meta, now the game is plagued with enhanced light spam. we complained about revenge being op, now its useless. We complained about no dedicated servers, we got em. We complained about new characters having better kits than original characters, now we have heros on the original roster who have kits that are near impenetrable. Be careful what you ask for cuz matchmaking being more strict = longer wait times or even the eventual death of the game because of inability to match you with someone on your level.
Please be mindful guys...and thanks for reading.
Hopefully this opens some eyes and clears up some peoples confusion.
Have a good one guys and may the parries be ever in your favor.

Edit: tldr, matchmaking wont be perfect because of low player count, get over it and git gud.