View Full Version : 6 fps on spin view! grr.. Helpsss

04-28-2011, 09:34 AM
I just buy a neew Pc

Amd Phenon II blck 3.2ghz
8gig ram
Gtx 560 top ti 1gig

But with my 19" screen (1280X1024) or on the Tv 42" (1080p) is feeling slow
I try couple setting is really better but cannot realy push all setting to max... At all medium the spin view still bad...

I test Fps is really good 60
but when I spin view around me the fps drop to 6!!!! BadBad... I think return to video card to exchange with a ati 6950 because with my hold system my Hd 4670 works better!!! grr...
somme one have other idea to helps me! I realy don't want have 6 fps