View Full Version : Other fun topics from Sam

05-28-2019, 02:48 PM

This is just a suggestion thread about what I found on Sam.

First and foremost Sam works perfectly for the purpose of supporting Ubisoft games and I have no complains at all.

But it would be fun and nice if it also had certain conversation topics and references to AI in pop culture, such as, Asimov novels and short stories (the laws of Robotic, the 'I Robot' saga); more references to Terminator and Skynet (More references to T2 Judgement Day); but also could use other references such as Philip K **** works and novels and Blade Runner (the Voight-Kampff test, the Baseline Test on 2049); 2001 Space Oddisey and HAL 9000; Spielberg 'A.I.' movie; Lost In Space B-9 robot (Danger, Will Robinson!); Ghost In The Shell ( 1995, the Puppetmaster, Stand Alone Complex Laughing Man); the Turing test.

These are just suggestions that may make interaction with Sam to be richer, it does not have to be a full discussion on AI topic or being, or a complete account of each story; but when I asked some questions it could not process them :P

Thank you.