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05-28-2019, 01:43 AM
I haven't made a post on the forums for a good while so a few of the things I mention arent very important or urgent suggestions and opinions obviously so post any of your own suggestions/opinions. This may be a bit of a mess btw.

Hitokiri isn't broken by anymeans, she's incredibly boring to me if im honest but the hyper armour is a pain in the rear end when using certain characters but not really a massive problem. She could do with changes but I wouldnt know where to start tbh so I wont bother.

Raider..no point in saying anything as there are so many threads on him alreqdy tbh.

Valk needs a slight heavy damage buff tbh.

Highlander; defensive stance needs a little tweak? But Im not sure on this even though his one of my mains.

Black prior, I dont mind him but his zone needs replacing with a damage dealing one to switch up the bashes Imo of course.

Harbinger(new viking hero next season) I really hope he has more to him than hitokiri as he is the character Im looking forward to the most. I hope he has an interesting move set that isnt riddled with hyper armour tbh.

I believe breach needs a little love as its a good gamemode but needs improvements.

The AI in bot matches is inconsistant, sometimes games have all level 2 bots that block everything even mix ups and other games they dont block anything and get bumrushed. Other games just have level 1 bots.

The problems people had with conq, zerker just seem to have been brushed under the rug and forgot about by the devs, the same could happen to raider?

This is petty but one thing that irritates me is the fact that I could be on a viking vs knight map like harbour and your team could be samurai's? The same for many of the maps. If I had my way Id have the teams be map dependant, harbour teams would only be viking and knight.
The devs answer to this would likely be due to the faction war having the 3 factions waring over territory all the time I suppose.