View Full Version : New Shinobi Feat : Attacks doesn't build revenge

05-27-2019, 01:18 AM
Oh boy will I get hate message for that one hahaha !! Title-bait !!

In all seriousness, I just wanted to start a discussion about a recent change to revenge gain. In short, revenge no longer builds up in 1v1, but builds up much faster in 1vX. As a result, since Shinobi truely shines as a "support character" in Dominion, this change basically made Shinobi the ultimate revenge feeding machine in ganks. Now, I do know how to time my ranged GB to hit the enemy during his recovery frames ... but the problem is : my teamates can't predict when I throw my ranged GB and often will throw their own attack ... as a result, the 100% garanteed ranged GB instead "bounces" and feeds massive revenge ... the opponent is rewarded for doing nothing.

Even worst, sometimes you do land that perfect 100 % garanteed ranged GB during your opponent recovery frames, but the ranged GB procs his revenge. As a result, in response to the enemy being pulled toward the Shinobi, the Shinobi has to cancel his Sickle Rain attack and roll away in fear of being knocked down by the revenge activation ... the opponent again was rewarded and this time, for being outplayed.

I never understood why being the victim of a guardbreak instantly feeds revenge. Revenge gain should be either when countering the guardbreak or a bonus revenge gain from the follow up attack after a successful guardbreak. It has come to a point when I see one of my teamate being a low prestige level Shinobi, I start cringing ... and what do you know, the enemy spends the whole game procing revenge left and right.

Now, I know Ubisoft is working on nerfs regarding Sickle Rain and Backflip. I really hope they are going to give Shinobi something in return and one thing I noticed is how bad Shinobis have it in the lastest seasons with all the revenge and hyper armor going around ... As for all the "nay sayers" arguing the "seasons data" put Shinobi in a good spot in the 4v4 Data ... dont forget many Shinobi players, including myself, often support from a distance in team fight and run away if things don't go well and it turns into a 1v3 against the Shinobi. As a result, the Shinobi dies less often and racks up more kills, scewing DATA in the Shinobi's favor. I'm not the best player out there, my dueling KD is probably less than 1:1 ... but in Dominion, my KDA is 3.27 because I can choose my fights. Thus, Data is wrong for Shinobi 4v4.

What are your thoughts on the matter ? Have you other Shinobi players out there noticed a big difference in revenge gains from enemy and what do you think should the compensation be for SIckle Rain / Backflip upcomming nerfs ?