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02-13-2006, 09:35 AM
Now if this isn't proof of anti-French sentiment or at the least disallusion among the Allies.

It's December 8, 1941 see, and U-255 The Red Fox boat is tracking a NE bound large convoy West of Casablanca. The target is about 17k+ km to starboard. Using the external view at 84% realism I decide to see what the convoy is up to whilst I manuever into position. When I zoom in for a look see, low and behold to me surprise two Royal Navy escorts are hammering a large French cargo in the far port lane. Not exceptionally good shots, the Brits keep banging away at the lil feller.

Technically creating a faux pas by forgetting to raise the white flag the Frenchman keeps on following the mainly British convoy best she can but is loosing speed fast. Figuring this beats Jagger at the Superbowl, I keep on watching this interesting display of Royal Navy might. When the Frenchman falls behind the convoy the Brits stop firing. Not quite cricket I'd say, at the very least they could have just placed her at the rear of the convoy to start with if they didn't want the buggers at the table.

So, now I figure there is something up with this. Using RUB1.45, and Grandma's Ship Damage model, but no other campaign modifiers I'm wondering what took place within the time frames of the war which might cause the Brits to open up on a French merchantman in their own convoy. Placement of a French flag vessel in a convoy spawn at or about a time which in the game represents the collusion of France with Germany perhaps? (A glitch in RUB maybe?). Or they was just bored?

Is the game that wired? I mean I'd think that would be stretching it a wee bit. Lard help the Italians if so.

This is not the first time however I've sausage a thing. On two other occasions I've seen gun fire from distant escorts but was not using external views and could not see what was taking place. At the time I thought maybe they were firing on another sub or aircraft though when it happened it seemed strange. But now I realize after spawning the convoy and upon viewing the target they are firing on certain ships in the convoy. Question is, is it just the French or are there other treacherous and murderous acts of senseless violence taking place in this war? Is there no shame?

02-13-2006, 10:05 AM
There is no shame whatsoever.