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05-23-2019, 08:32 PM
If next game is about vikings.....why not to use mooses as well, not only horses!? (At least in Scandinavia) In many nothern places mooses were used as domestic animals from ancient times. Better to say mooses can be easily domesticated and people knew it. By the way, their milk is very useful. People used not only deers but mooses also. Even in the 20 century there were combat mooses! Definetely nothern people used combat mooses in ancient times. Scandinavia is famous for its mooses...vikings could use them in the internal strifes. Only imagine big armed viking on the big moose, they weigh up to 800kg (1763 pounds), animal whose front hooves' kick can kill a bear! Jaw dropping scene! Or squad of vikings....Imagine what shall feel foreigners when they see coming out of the thicket berserks on the mooses! Hard to stay normal after that. I think mooses, nothern deers, ski race and fight can be a part of the game.

05-23-2019, 08:34 PM
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Understand, we didn't see vikings riding mooses in movies....but movies are full of exaggerations and far from the reality. The most common mistake - bald or shaved bold vikings. Symbol of attractiveness and beauty among vikings were long well-groomed hairs, braided in pigtails.....To be bald meant to be ugly or ill. Deliberately viking would never shave his hair! But movies are full of bald vikings. As vikings didn't like to use bows in fightings - real warrior, they thought, should fight face to face....killing at a distance is for cowards. Before the battle...stomping in certain tact and beating at their shields, with guttural sounds on an exhalation vikings enter themselves in an altered mental state that gave them strongest adrenaline rush, very low pain threshold and fearlessness. Roughly speaking - fighting, battle, was like orgasm for them. If you are old....something wrong with you...must be you were a coward and tried to save your life during battles. To die in orgasm of the battle...to die beautifuly, was their dream but only not to die of old age.

05-24-2019, 11:34 AM