View Full Version : DevBlog: I want to be anarchy

05-23-2019, 05:34 PM

Dr. Hugo Mercier, the infamous Anarchist, will be the newest addition to Anno 1800ís diverse cast of characters. While ruthless robber barons like von Malching or visionary architects like Gasparov build their magnificent Metropolises on the back of the populace, the Anarchist is a true man of the people, breaking the chains of indentured servitude and freeing his citizens from capitalist oppression. At least that is what he will happily tell you, and anyone else willing to listen to his manifesto.

Us humble game developers, on the other hand, are happy to tell you how exactly he differs from other characters and what this means for you as the player, before we end with the cold hard numbers of content included with the Anarchist.

To find out more, please follow this link! (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-i-want-to-be-anarchy/)