View Full Version : Ubisoft account login issues

05-22-2019, 01:21 PM
I’m having the same problem that it seems many other people are encountering. Each time I try to log into my Ubisoft account on Trails Rising I get the message ‘invalid email or password’. My account works fine on the computer and my phone. I’ve changed my password twice but nothing has worked. I’ve tried multiple internet networks as well and it’s always the same message.

05-23-2019, 04:15 PM

Sadly there are many of us with this issue

Ubisoft won't acknowledge the issue. Support has abandoned this game on the switch after just a few weeks of release.

I would seek to return or refund the game if you can.

Good luck.

05-23-2019, 07:15 PM
Hi guys! I am sorry to hear you are still having connection issues with Trials Rising, and apologize for the delay in response over the forums.

@Maggzilla I see you were able to submit a ticket. Can you try these Switch steps (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/faqs/000036607/Connectivity-issues-in-Trials-Rising-on-Nintendo-Switch-TR)?