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Turn your Tablet,Smartphone,Android,IPAD and other devices into gaming console ONLIVE

Homepage - Onlive Homepage (http://www.onlive.com/)

Demo - Assassin's Creed Revelations Running on an IPAD 2 via OnLive (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTvOtKxadJQ)

Demo 2 - Assassins Creed Brotherhood Played Onlive on Tablet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R4TJ50_McU)

Games on Onlive - Games For Onlive (http://www.onlive.com/games/featuredgames#&tab=top_games)

Buy $49.99 - Assassin's Creed Revelations on Onlive (http://www.onlive.com/games/details/assassins-creed-revelations?ol_campgn_internal=featuredgames_box_a rt#&type=trailers)

Buy - Assassin's Creed Revelations: The Ancestors Character Pack DLC (http://www.onlive.com/games/details/addon-assassins-creed-revelations-the-ancestors-character-pack#&type=trailers)

Buy $29.99 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (http://www.onlive.com/games/details/assassins-creed-brotherhood?ol_campgn_internal=featuredgames_box_a rt#&type=trailers)

Buy $9.99 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Deluxe Edition Content (http://www.onlive.com/games/details/addon-deluxe-edition-content#&type=trailers)

Buy $14.99 - Assassin's Creed II (DLC Included) (http://www.onlive.com/games/details/assassins-creed-ii?ol_campgn_internal=featuredgames_box_art#&type=bragclips)

For the Ultimate gameplay experience add the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller!
Works with your Tablet, Smartphone, PC, MacŪ, TV,IPAD and future devices.

Buy $49.99 - Wireless Controller (http://www.onlive.com/controller)

Now Playing On Your TV
Play video games on demand with the ease of flipping a channel. The OnLive Game System delivers top-tier games over the Internet to your TV, so you can play instantly on the biggest screen in the house.

Buy $99.99 - OnLive Game System (http://www.onlive.com/game-system)

ONLIVE - Lately I've been having a lot of people come to me and ask me "What is OnLive?" Because of this, I thought I would start a discussion thread explaining exactly what OnLive is. I would also like our members to leave their OnLive reviews here. If you have anything you feel should be added to this thread, please reply. Also please reply to this thread with your review of the OnLive game service.(For More info Play the Homepage Video)

What is OnLive?

OnLive is a cloud video game service. Most people are used to playing games locally on their consoles, computers or tablets. When gamers conventionally wish to play games, they go out to the store, and purchase it, or download it and install it on their PCs.

With OnLive, none of this is needed. Instead, all you have to do is download a very small OnLive app (literally takes seconds to download). Once you have this downloaded, you are ready to begin playing games.

All the games available on the OnLive service are streamed to you similarly to the way in which you watch movies on Netflix. OnLive allows you to demo most of the games on the service for free.These free OnLive trials allow you to play a game for 30 minutes. After doing so, you have the option to either purchase the game, or rent it for 3 days or 5 days.

OnLive System Requirements

Most of the skeptics who claim that OnLive doesn't work, haven't even tried the service for themselves. Others will tell you that you need a super fast internet connection in order to be able to play games. This is not true.

When OnLive Beta launched, the minimum internet connection requirements were in the 10-20 mb/sec range. This was in fact faster than the majority of internet user's connection speeds. However, since then, the minimum connection speeds have been dropped significantly, and they continue to fall.

When OnLive launched out of beta in 2010, the minimum connection speed was reduced to only 5 mb/sec. This is a speed that the average internet user in the United States should have no problem accomplishing. However, since then, the minimum requirements have dropped even more. Currently only a 2.5mb/sec connection speed is required to run games on your HD TV, PC, or Mac. However, there is expected to be another update very soon which will only require a 1mb/sec connection speed to run OnLive efficiently on tablets, and laptops. It will also run on HD TV's at this speed, with slight degrading of graphics.

All-in-all,currently you really only need a 1 to 2.5 mb/sec connection speed in order to play game for OnLive. This of course is if you are in range of their servers. Basically anywhere in the United States, and in the UK (as of September 22nd), are in range of the OnLive servers.

What is the Price for OnLive?

The one great thing about OnLive, is that it is totally free to be a member. Members get access to free OnLive trials of most games on the service. This allows they to decide if they like both the games, and/or the OnLive service itself.

In order to purchase games for OnLive, currently a credit card must be on file (more payment options are coming soon). There are two different pricing models for purchasing games. There is the PlayPack, which is a membership based service, and then there are individual PlayPass purchases.

The OnLive PlayPack

The OnLive PlayPack subscription plan if for gamers and families that like to have a variety of games at their service. You won't find brand new games in the PlayPack, but you will find a plethora of fun and entertaining games.

The PlayPack subscription costs $9.99/month. Currently at the time of this post, OnLive has 87 games included in the PlayPack. However, they have been adding between 2-5 new titles to the PlayPack each week (on Tuesdays).

For $9.99/month PlayPack members get unlimited access to all of these PlayPack titles. In addition to this, they also receive a 30% off discount toward any non-playpack game/item. This includes already discounted and sale items. This 30% off is good toward the purchase of an OnLive Game System, as well as controllers, and any individual PlayPass game.

What are PlayPass games?

PlayPass games are individual games available for purchase at retail prices and below. All the new released games will fall into this category. For example, when a game like Deus Ex: Human Revolution is released for the Xbox 360, PCs, as well as OnLive, you will find it as a PlayPass game. PlayPass titles can be demoed, rented, or purchased at full price. The prices for these games generally are the same as their retail counterparts. If it is priced at $49.99 for Xbox 360, it will probably be priced the same when it is released for OnLive. OnLive, however, usually has more sales, and better pre-order packages. Also keep in mind that PlayPack members can take 30% off the price of all these games.

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Sounds interesting. I'm going to check this out.

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Sounded great until I read this:
Basically anywhere in the United States, and in the UK (as of September 22nd), are in range of the OnLive servers.
Why is it that people always assume people live in the US? Ffs -_-