View Full Version : Feedback: Retro Mantis Kit number plate is unbelievably annoying for no good reason

05-19-2019, 12:05 AM
Seriously, why is there a number there? That's exactly the kind of thing we are supposed to be using stickers to do. You have a nice emblem spot there, and you steal our agency and ruin it with your '35'.

But that's not all! No, it wasn't enough to put your own stuff there, where we would obviously want to make stuff. You had to write it with the negative space around the number using your weird surface textures that go on top of our stickers (why do those even exist?) and ruin almost every color, meaning we can't paint over it and the only way to get rid of it is detailed placement of a ton of tiny stickers in different shades to try and even it out, but because of your annoying color mixing, only bright colors can even do that. Then, even if we go through that torture, all we get is a weirdly blank plate, because we can't even finally put stickers over our work or your obnoxious textures will come right back out.

PLEASE take that awful texture and '35' off the kit so we can be allowed to actually customize our bikes. Making it reflective/shiny is in no way better than being able to do our thing there.

Also, PLEASE give us SOME way to make stickers the priority overlay, so they can go on top of the annoying overlay things you have getting in the way of the customization we are supposed to be able to do. The Fancy Pro Helmet is another example, with its shiny red stripes that print over and through anything we try and put over them. That obviously isn't how this is supposed to work!

We need grouping, too, so we can link these tedious busywork stickers together into a block and change their color together, etc. Likewise for zoom and functional camera moving. It's unreasonably annoying to have to work without such simple aids. Just coloring the goggle strap on the Fancy Pro Helmet takes about six stickers, that then have to be colored one-by-one if you want to change it. The 360% size cap just makes it take more stickers to color something, too, adding nuisance and inconvenience instead of helping us work.