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05-18-2019, 01:55 PM
Hello everyone, you may have seen this allready over on reddit where i started the whole thing. Now its also to be found here since not everyone uses reddit.

Why did i do it:
This has a number of reasons but the initial intention was to only fix the Southern Islands to remove those nasty Rivers which are on every Island. But then it got more and more stuff my Mates and Me saw that could be adjusted/added or even fixed.

What does it do:
It changes some stuff here and there, you will see in the list below why and an explanation for the change. I tried to keep the changes as low as possible to not affect the core gameplay that much. So far the Feedback was always positive which initially encouraged me to rls more changes.

Whats included in this Mod:

- You now can purchase every Epic/Legendary Specialist that is included in the Game at every NPC with a diceroll. The precentages start from 0% in the beginning up to 25% for Epics and 10% for Legendary in the Endgame.

+This change was done because the other regular chances to get your hands on are either bugged or so low that it takes the whole fun out of optimizing your economy.

- The Islands in the South are fixed now and provide also islands without rivers in them (they are annoying), the ratio is 1/3 for rivers and 2/3 of non rivers. This works for all difficultys.

*IMPORTANT* This only works if you have never set a foot in the New World (unverified), therefore load a save prior to the expedition or start a new game (recommended).

+Pretty self explanatory, i mean BlueByte just overdid it with those nasty rivers on each island.

- Some Ships have now increased loading capabilities like the Ship of the Line, Frigate, Clipper, Battle Cruiser with 75 tons per cargoslot, Freighter has 100 tons.
- Oil Tanker can now carry 500 tons instead of 400. All other Ships are unaffected by this change.
- You can now also build the Great Eastern at any Steam Shipyard, it can also carry 100 tons per cargoslot.
- As an additional feature you can also replace the data0.rda included in the file for an extended zoom with proper values to avoid seeing unloaded areas or pop ins on the screenedge.

*NOTE* On a savegame it is advised to check your traderoutes and take a look at the loading values and adjust them accordingly.

+I only changed the loading capacity on the bigger ships to keep it more realistic to an extend. The bigger the Ship, the more you can load. This was done to prevent mass ship spamming in late to endgame when you reach high population counts.
+Zoom Mod, actually nothing to add here ... :)

- Now included the Ornament Mod from Taubenangriff, thank him for letting me use his edits (his Thread (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2055588-Modding-Anno-1800-Ornament-Mod)).

- Sickness from Ships have now half the range compared to the vanilla setting and also reduced infection time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

+The NPCs dont care what they carry, even the plague and the time it took for recovery was just too high and the range a bit too wide IMHO, let me know what you think.

Installation: Navigate to your Anno 1800 Installdirectory and then into maindata, then you should make a backup of the data10.rda and the data0.rda. Then copy the file contents from the download and overwrite/replace the non backups. Start a new game or play your save, all the changes should be activated.

Download: GDrive (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fSbLYopOARrTlTXjogz-mm1oeX8teN8U/view?usp=sharing) & Mega (https://mega.nz/#!7NcVzQzY!Tl8aCCHLh4sb6ai-xzoCubm5L7ciRQhmjkBmtJeF5Mo)

Big thanks and shoutout to my Modding colleagues Taubenangriff Nale and Judekw for the good times :D

P.S: If you like to support me with some coffee, you can do so @ Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/dalexy)(nights are long and coffee always helps being productive) :)

You can now also join our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/PTaUW6W), its open for everyone. If you are a Modder or User doesnt matter. There we can chat and discuss all kinds of stuff related to modding or the Anno series itself.

Thx for reading and now have fun with the QoL changes included in this Mod.

> Here are some Screens < (https://imgur.com/a/hQqjh0x)

05-18-2019, 02:23 PM
Love this mod!! been using it since 1.0

05-24-2019, 06:41 PM
many thanks and kudos! i will also keep following on Reddit.

05-24-2019, 08:15 PM
You've made my day, thank you so much for this

06-08-2019, 07:43 AM
This is no longer working as of the latest 3.1 update game just crashes before it can load