View Full Version : Banned from Game for commenting matches..

05-13-2019, 09:32 PM
Yes i got banned from game after a long break from For Honor. I played again to give this game a last shot and to test the new hero. I commented from time to time without any swearing or trashtalk the playstlye of some poor dishonorable player and today booom. Banned!

I was playing Anthem in my abstinence and took a 2 month break and then this.. Seriously how am i getting banned for commenting annoying player in an adult language?

Is this the new policy of games to dis their customer. I supported this game with all my season passes and spent from time to time real money for steal and that is what i get as a customer?

And btw they even didnt bother to send me an email for further information.. Really?

05-13-2019, 10:23 PM
did u get any ban before ?

05-13-2019, 10:25 PM
wait u got perma ban ?

05-13-2019, 10:36 PM
I dont know if i got perma ban? Since i still got no notification or email. If they banned me permanently then they gotta tell me why?

05-13-2019, 11:09 PM
You're going to need to get in touch with https://support.ubi.com to ask for any further information. We can't handle ban appeals on the forums. Things like what you type in-game and what you put in your emblem are both subject to the Code of Conduct, which can result in action up to a ban from the game.

Closing this thread as "I was banned" threads tend to get flame-y really fast.