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05-11-2019, 03:27 PM
I'd like to take a address the elephant in the room...

Back when Wildlands launched, there was an outcry to disable the AI - and I've seen people commenting on this as if those of us requesting an AI team in Breakpoint are just changing our minds or fickle to whatever.

First, I wasn't one of them. I found the AI useful in Wildlands if you knew how to command them. It wasn't the best, but I use the team to this day. I suspect most of those players haven't stuck with the game this far, and if they truly wanted solo play - they had the option to switch them off.

Where's our option to switch them on?

With Breakpoint, I think the rest of us thought you would improve on the AI system, not just strip the feature out. This is why those of us who still play with an AI team are so shocked to find that we may as well not even play Breakpoint in it's current state.

I'm fine with almost all the other changes you've made to the series (classes - I'll wait and see; always online - fine, I play the Division 2 too; 4v4 PVP; I don't play PVP). However, not having a team is a complete deal breaker.

Here's why (for me): When I saw the trailer and gameplay, I was thinking about how many hours and how much joy I would experience carefully customizing all my four Ghosts with your new customization system. With the Class thing, I was thinking of how to synergize 4 seperate warriors and what archetypes I would need (a rifleman, a grenadier, a medic and a marksman). I figured this time you would probably let us pick our kits too, so I thought of the weapons each one would need. And of course, with the Bolivia team members dead, what the new 3 people I would be going through hell with would look like. THIS fantasy was a major buying point for me, so to find it wasn't going to be there at all...

I understand you want the player to feel hunted - I don't see how the whole squad can't be hunted. It looked like it worked in the trailer.
People say it doesn't fit in with your story - then how does playing with other players? It's the same thing!?!?
If it's too late in the development cycle - either delay the game or let us know it's in the works for a future update. We're you're biggest fans; we'll wait.

I hope someone from the dev team hears how badly we wanted this feature improved from Wildlands and still added to Breakpoint. The new game DOES look awesome - it would be a shame if a huge chunk of your loyal community chose to miss out because you chose to not include a feature we're begging you for.

Thanks and good luck.