View Full Version : Question about Weapon Tiers and Loot Drop.

05-11-2019, 02:41 PM
I'm worried about something I read later about "Tier Weapons drops" and something about purple weapon drops? yellow weapon drops?
Please if this is true do not do this!
As for the character having elements of RPG I'm totally ok with that, but I do not want to keep looting the same type of weapon over and over looking for better drops or different tiers of quality. This is Ghost Recon not The Division! The guns of this new game should be and behave as close as possible to the real ones.

One of the features that I really don't like in Wildlands is that we have three or four types of the same weapon with different skins and different specs and I would not want to see this in Breakpoint, let me use the M4A1 for example:
M4A1 Tactical
M4A1 Explorer
M4A1 Temple
M4A1 Commando
All these variants of the M4A1 should be "skins" or "paint presents" of the original model and would be more real or logical if they all had the same damage, precision, handling, etc. I just like the real model but if anyone wants to play an M4A1 full of bling blings or skulls, I agree with that as long as it's a skin or paint option from the original version, not the same weapon with better specs or unique attachments than the original!
Ps: I hate 99% of the prestige paintjobs in Far Cry 5 like the 1911 extended "Golden Aerie" the pistol model is awesome the paintjob is terrible if at least it had a solid color, maybe black or a decent camouflage pattern I would be satisfied.

Another very important thing that the community has been asking for is the adjust length in the gun buttstock.
It would be really nice to have the option of an a adjustable stock in all weapons on Breakpoint, since in Wildlands some of weapons only has the "Standard Buttstock" option, cannot fold, etc. Maybe 3 stock length positions?!

Having the option of equipping pistols or any handgun with micro red dots would also be good!

05-11-2019, 03:08 PM
I'm with you. and I feel like most ghost recon fans would agree that tiered loot has no place in a ghost recon game. Don't know what ubi is thinking on this one. I fear they are introducing it to support some micro transaction system.