View Full Version : GR:BREAKPOINT will be downgrade graphic?

05-10-2019, 11:51 PM
Hi Bosskur, after i watch The Ghost Recon Breakpoint gameplay..did you still maintain the graphic or need to downgrade graphic? I hope after the release this games, please maintain your graphic, no need to be downgrade. please hear our voices!

05-11-2019, 01:23 AM
Sure this High End Graphics don't work on my PS4 slim
The graphic detail will definitely be reduced to facilitate the PLAYSTATION SLIM while it will be higher on the PS4 pro & PC version
Even the visual distance will definitely be adapted to the machine
Nothing less than what you have always done on PC by raising or lowering the graphics to run games on PC more or less powerful

05-11-2019, 01:35 AM
I assume it will be pretty close being that this isn't a teaser for a 2020 launch. It comes out in 5 months. I'm sure some lighting and graphic choices will be toned down but hopefully it's close.