View Full Version : My reaction to Ghost Recon Break Point

05-10-2019, 10:24 PM
I have owned and played multiple Ubisoft made games such as Splinter Cell One 2003, Splinter Black List 2013, Ghost Recons Advanced Warfighters One and Two (PS2 And PS3), Ghost Recon Future Soldier 2012 and HAWX02 PS3. When I watching the Ghost Recon Break Point Announcement and Game Play trailers, my reaction can be defined as a mixture of Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six Vegas One 2007 PS3 Game, Terminator Salvation 2009 PS3 Game and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising 2009 PS3 Game. Although I'm mostly likely to not find the time or money to purchase the game after it comes out, my best recommendations to the Ubisoft company are to add two A I team mates with combat functionality of Operation Flashpoint Dragon A I team mates and competence from Ghost Recon Advanced War fighter PS2 game. My other recommendations are to add a new weapon such as pipe bomb from Terminator Salvation 2009 Game (Thank Dobkins ) and new unarmed combat techniques which are to break human arms upward and downward, throwing enemy combatants to the ground by positioning leg behind enemy leg and grabbing arm before throw forward body or rear body and throwing enemy combatants like Chris Red field from Resident Evil 06 game.