View Full Version : What is Breakpoint being balanced around?

05-10-2019, 04:17 PM
Is the game being balanced around having 4 players online co-op, or is it being balanced around solo lone survivor type of play?

If it is being balanced around the solo lone survivor type of play then no AI team mates is okay. The game must work well then when players are by themselves, with no co-op players.

If it is being balanced around always online 4 player co-op, what I fear. Then when the player is without co-op players they should have at least one AI teammate. The AI team mate then should be watching the players back. ready to revive them if needed. The AI doesn't need to be too smart, just smart enough to stick by the player and stay out of sight. It shouldn't be able to make impossible shots, nor be invisible to enemies either.