View Full Version : Insulted Former Customer

05-10-2019, 09:13 AM
I'm not very impressed that one of my favorite franchises for over a decade no longer seems to want to include me. I play solo for a variety of reasons, and that won't be changing - I just won't be buying your game. The franchise WAS a team based military shooter, which I enjoyed very much. Now, I either get forced into playing in a group, or I HAVE to play as a lone wolf? Frankly, I feel like you may as well just tell me you don't want single player gamers playing this frachise anymore. With no team to customize and fight beside, this game has no value for me. So, thanks for the good times, but until a squad gets put back into this squad based shooter, I'll stick to buying games that respect their own franchise and player base.

-A Very Disappointed Fan