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05-09-2019, 05:14 PM
So now that things have had time to settle and ive gotten more or less acclimated to the changes i feel i can talk about these things with less of my knee jerk reaction.

First, raider. He feels more or less the same tho he might be too beefy to say he is balanced properly. Dodge gb needs to be removed or tweaked to only work on forward dodge like PK. And his heavy damage needs to be brought down a tad, he can walk through breach minions like its a dominion match and thats more than just scary, its stupid. Maybe its the guard stance changes or maybe the indicators are broken but i cant block raiders lights anymore unless its a lucky guess. Even orochi lights i can block on reaction at least half the time so its really hard for me to believe its on me and not the game at this point.
Its also really not fun to play while my ears are ringing and the screen is foggy and white. This should be changed for the same reason LB lost block shove, there is no enjoyment from fighting against this obnoxious mechanic, almost entirely due to how easy it is for raider to use it on you repeatedly.Tone it down a bit pls.

Second, Lawbringer. Big daddy justice was not served what he was deserved but what he got has been a big help. Im still in the camp that lawbringer should have armor on some heavy attacks, especially seeing how much it helps raider in group fights and the fact that impale charge lost armor which nerfed his capabilities for said group fights.
Im still salty about losing guaranteed shove on heavy hit but my mixup after shove is still there if not better than before with the light being sure damage that leads into another mindgame. I still find myself trying to shove on block, muscle memory wont let go of that any time soon im sure

Lastly, Hitokiri. I think this is a very fun addition to the roster and if this were still y1 of for honor im sure she would be a top tier hero. Her first heavy gets armor really fast and combined with the following armored light atk ive seen players just spam these two moves and deny almost any form of retaliation, god help you if you run into two of them doing this while together
Her kick "mixup" is too slow. Ive never gotten a player i would call decent with the kick unless it was during the chaos of a group fight. The sweep is as useless as lawbringers long arm, its not something you should ever throw out except for very niche situations, and you would probably be better off just doing damage anyway.

05-09-2019, 09:17 PM
If you're going to call for them to remove the raiders light tap. Then you also need to call for them to remove bleed, stamina drain, and any other status effect from all characters moves. Your LB blinding move that works better than the raiders included.

And raiders lights have always been that speed but with the addition of the block stance switch players are actually able to use his light attacks effectively and not rely on just heavy attacks. Because before they had to wait for the animation to complete it's self to switch positions. Now it's all about who can fill up the hit que first and for how long.

And the Raider has never had hyper armor and still doesn't have a need for it. Honestly hyper armor could be removed from the game and I would be happy to see it go.

05-10-2019, 12:52 AM
Logical foul on bloodwake. Targetting one mechanic (raiders stun) does not force a need to call attention to additional mechanics that have vastly different circumstances of use(bleeds, stamina drain) and ease of access. This is similar to a red herring or excluded middle fallacy. Lb tap is viable for logical connection tho.

Not targetting you for any particular reason. Hope you know that. I just see a lot of fallacies on both sides lately. Bandwagon being a favorite. (" the general opinon is; everyone knows; you can plainly see the community aggrees X is OP") when there is actually no evidence provided beyond who is yelling louder. General populace of the community is silent.

05-10-2019, 08:03 AM
Never said i wanted stun tap to go away. I said its too easy for raider to keep you blinded by a near white screen with a high pitched hum in my ears as i usually play with a headset, which is not a pleasant sensation when you are trying to play a video game.
Also you cant say "raider has never had hyper armor" becuz he certainly has always had it on his kit. Stampede charge had armor before but now its gone, replaced with armor for his 2nd and 3rd heavy. I agree that he doesnt need it. But its a nice QoL for when in the thick of a 4v4

05-10-2019, 03:17 PM
Also as a primary console player here is what i'd do about said mentioned heros:

~bring down light attack damage including stunning tap.
~Nerf or remove the stamina damage stunning tap does.
~Nerf or remove the stamina damage stampede does. (but not remove stamina damage from both moves.)
~Remove dodge GB/CGB.
~make his second top like 500ms (from 600ms) and his top light finisher 500ms (from 700ms.)

~Increase stamina pool.
~increase tracking on all heavies.

~reduce forward dodge recovery from 700ms to 500ms
~Zone attack is now a chain starter.
~Forward dodge attack is now 600ms from 700ms and has better range.
~Increase kick's range to catch back dodges.
~Allow access to her kick/sweep mix up from light finisher as well.