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05-07-2019, 07:41 AM
I don't have a reputation over 300 but I decided to take a look at how you play with diffrent classes and, yeah, asssassin are so useless in this game. A few quick fixes?

Knights :

Warden - He's pretty balanced, mains will probably that something is wrong but that's every main problem. They want overpowered character. Good lights, fear for top attack by counter-light, bash that can be cancelled.

Conqueror - Depends on players. I've seen conqurors who whiped floor with everyone or those who died to bored Lawbringer who just tapped them to death. In most cases the bash is pretty obvious to come after attack or by soft-feinting heavy. Can't really do much about dodgy characters, unless catches them with GB or puts his full shield up as they try to dodge-attack. For someone with shield he can't use it all too well, especially against heroes of other factions.

Lawbringer - Got some speed now, can tap like he never could tap before. And, yeah, tap. And... tap... tap? Besides that there is goof feedback on his speed buff making his more useful on actually trying to attack and not just turtle. Feinting heavy into GB is abovious but stil lcan catch someone off guard. For his slow heavies he doesn't have a hyperarmor that will allow him to stand off against faster and dodgier characters.

Peacekeeper - She's too nerfed to say too much. In good hands can still deal some damage, otherwise keep away. Haven't seen a PK for... well... I don't remember when I last saw her in game...

Centurion - Nerfed. Was once viable hero now, eh, not so much. Can still be pretty deadly but it's not the same after the latest, ekhm, 'reworks'. If you're a parry god good for you, if not, sucks for you. Otherwise you have no pressure on the enemies. Centurion has no tracking so if someone dodged ten minutes earlier there is no punishment for it. ( Unless you count Lawbringer coming throught, choo choo! )

Gladiator - Useless. He's not! Says a person that haven't fought 'reworked' characters. Be a good support and when you see your teammate throwing a heavy be useful enough to jump in and bash enemy with buckler so the hit connects. You'll be parried. You'll be downed. You'll be raped. Fortune favoures the reworked.

Black Prior - Fast lights and bash. Can counter unblockables, such wow. Without those two things he's not all to powerful. A typical spam-to-win character, well, unless you'll get parried, then bye bye.

Viking :

Raider - Broken. Main gonna cry that I'm calling it that. Who needs assassin class anymore? Here, you have all basic heroes in one plus some more. Delete everything else. Mega fast lights, GB dodge, "You see this unblockable? Pick your poison : actually hits ( Yeah right xD ), tapped and blinded, GB, feinted into light spam." Need a hint? It's not gonna be the first one. He's giving off too much pressure and by that I mean that what gives an assassin if he dodges and attacks if his next heavy is uniterruptable and super fast while dealing damage close to half of your health? If you're hit with light you're done. The only character that has no dodge, let's say, recharge. He can continue to jump around your every attack and just GB into nothigness. Amazing rework, choke on his axe / 10.

Warlord - More or less balanced. Lots of hp, lots of damage but slower. Can use his head well, hunts dodgy characters. An annoyance that will murder you brutally if you'll turn away from it. I heard some complains about him but he's not all too hard to play as if you know how to put a pressure on dodgy characters.

Valkyrie - Kill it with fire. Bane of everyone who's not be fast enough to dodge the heavy into bash feint. Too much stamina for the amount of throws and attack she does. She shouldn't be able to continue her series of attack into a sweep if she doesn't hit. Many characters shoudn't be able to do it.

Berserker - Painful heavies, fast lights and hyperarmor? A bit broken and becomes a killing machine in right hands but look at it the other way. He doesn't have a lot of health so if he'll get parried and eat a combo he's probably dead...

Highlander - Joke. Has hyperarmor but doesn't have health nor speed to make up to it. If someone is fast then HL is dead. He can't access his offensive stance because he'll be tapped out of it by all characters before he can react. Maybe he has damage but the hyperarmor does not make up for the lack of health. Also, his throw on the ground is bugged out while fighting Shugoki and Aramusha, because if you throw them and release an attack they'll "TELEPORT" back on their feet to parry it, what the hell?

Shaman - Well... I really don't have anything bad to say. She's fast and has a lot of damage for the lack of HP. She's very annoying - especially the trained specimen - and can kill easily if not aware of what she can do. I... Really don't have anything bad to say. She's good in my book.

Samurai :

Kensei - Hey, guess what? Dodge heavy attack! Wow, such surprise, wow. Has variety of combos and attacks that all will always start from the top attack, no matter what. I mean, I don't see anything bad. Has his ups and downs. No one else in the game has ultimate where he attacks become unblockable. His quirk. Can slide on any type of ground! Really, he can slide while attacking. Half of the CP is nothing to his slide. It's especially prominent on his area attack.

Shugoki - Well, depends who you. If against assassin, it's like throwing rocks at the wall, but the walls throws them back but the size of a rocket launcher. Assassin are useless against his super fast light that is uninterruptable. I want hero designer to pick either speed or hyperarmor. Not both. It's not a harem option. Pick ****ing one. Otherwise it goes like this : light -> headbutt ( rinse and repeat until enemy is dead or players went to puke from how nausetic it went ) eventually heavy that will probably be a hug anyway, wow, such surprise. Let's not forget that the hug has broken tracking...

Nobushi - Broken. What is this dodge? My friend stood on one leg but I still somehow kicked him ( Centurion style ) right in the balls... which was accident. I also don't see it defending her from Conq's shield charge. I get like side-attacks, I can accept the blade going in front of her. But not top attacks where attacker would just take a step forward or just reached out further effectively hitting her. This doesn't make sense at all. Can 'bug' out, causing unending storm of light -> kick -> light that you can't do nothing about. Leaving you with 1/4 hp which will bleed out in a matter of seconds when her stamina is out.

Orochi - Light spammer. What can I say? Useless in some cases, useful in other. You get parried - you're dead. Keep away from children. Don't use against : Shugoki, Raider, Hitokiri. He's nothing without his light spamming.

Shinobi - Annoying. Slides between your legs. Jumps kicks your face for a quick heavy, attack that is not punishable because they can dodge out of the way next thing done. There's not much to say, he's good and weak. Has a variety of tools at his disposal, it's up to a player to use them well. Being a pain in the butt when trying to catch with his range GB in teamfights or overall pain for everything that's not the same team as you.

Aramusha - Look, another spam... I want Conq to put up his shield as fast as he puts up his swords for the counter. And by all means, lifting a shield is way faster then pulling both of your swords in front of you and crossing them. Spammable heavy. Fighting usually go : heavy -> feint -> light. I don't get why he has that stance ability where he can't be thrown on the ground and characters like Lawbringer or HL don't have it.

Hitokiri - No... Just no. Another speed and hyperarmor character. Once again, character creator, pick one. I get that she gets hyperarmor on her charged heavies, but her normal ones are fast and with hyperarmor. Another asssassin-slayer. Her kick is pretty much useless as most people will dodge it. Can feint unblockable that is also unparriable? Game? Any explenation? The charged attacks are... strange. Sometime she won't move from spot, while sometime she's launched across half of the point on you. Much like many characters needs work on those 'sliding' attacks. Her sweep attack doesn't count her teammates... what? So why does Valks and Shaolin does? Besides she's using leg so she should down first hit, even if it's her teammate and making it not dangerous for next target in the way.

Wu Lin : ( Oh boy )

Tiandi - Make him shut up, please. Assassin-slayer. Two types of dodge-attack so you can pick how you die. I get he has prolonged dodge but I doubt it would interest someone like Lawbringer who'd just sweep to the side lower to hit him or Centurion who'd just stab him on the second attack. Stupid spam of ultra fast light that's followed by bash and another light. Side light spam, top light spam, btw. it's also undodgeable so good luck assassins. You have a single dodge while he can dance around untouchable. Btw, unless there's cliff or a wall, his kick is useless. Even in that case just spam palm strike, because it's hard to dodge.

Jiang Jun - Ugh... So. Range of Nobushi, Shugoki's hyperarmor, also Orochi light spam, also Kensei range ( and top troll attack where he kicks you instead of attacking ), also old man who's worth more than whole basic Samurai faction. I don't know who had an idea of giving a Heavy so much mobility and speed attack but it's not healthy. Also, he has Nobushi-like dodge that ALSO helps him regenerate stamina almost in an instant and you can just try to pressure him to get a GB but that doesn't count as much because he's a HEAVY and has a lot of HP. Also has a counterattack after parry that's unblockable and has a huge range. So he is monster in teamfights if he parries someone. Also, what's with his counter-grab? I haven't seen any use for it other then calling for teammates to come and beat up on a single player.

Shaolin - Monkey. Light, kick, light. Old story, Tiandi spam but with staff. Three hit free light. Can try to be Valk wannabe and sweep players but he doesn't have much time to do something in the meantime as he's recovering. I don't know what else to say, he's just annoying.

Nuxia - Pretty annoying. Fast light and troll heavy which she can change into a grab at any moment of the attack. I haven't seen a Nuxia in a loooooooong while, much like PK she's a dying specimen, please go to a charity and leave some money for protection of this rare animal. You can also adopt a Nuxia yourself to keep her away from harm and try to cheer her up at night when she'll have a mental breakdown seeing an old man being way more effective than her...