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I have story from the heart of Europe for game creators.
-magister knight Donč= Templar - his story is about how the Templars masked as the Hospitaller knights(Joahanites knights)= making new identities and its connection between AC1 1191 and AC2 1476.
Plot - Donč was born in 1278 in Zvolen (Slovakia), his father was Dominic. As a child he survived second wave attack of Tatars(mongolians) in 1285.In that time was Ladislav IV Cuman king of Hungary. Ladislav liked pagans and hate chrisitans, his army burned down and robbed many churches. Pope Nicholas IV wanted to declare a crusade to Hungary, but Ladislav IV was killed in 10.7.1290(maybe by Donč father Dominic). Ordering the murder was probably by Pope Nicholas IV and Karol Robert of Anjou. After Ladislav IV taked the throne Ondrej III last member of Arpád family. Why he was last? Because he was poisoned in 14.1.1301(maybe by Donč).Ordering the murder was probably by Karol Robert of Anjou. Then the Hungarian throne was take by Bohemian king Vaclav III -he was last member of Přemyslid family, but he was killed in 1306 (maybe by Donč).murder was ordered by Karol Robert of Anjou. In this time two families were murdered Arpad(hungarian kings) + Přemyslid(Bohemian kings). Then Hungarian crown was taked by Oto III Wittelsbach, but the Hungarian Senate assigned the throne to Karol Robert of Anjou. In 1307 was Oto III imprisoned by Transylvanian feudal Ladislav Kán. Kán stoled the crown and he refused to return it to Karol Robert. in 27.8.1310 Karol gain the crown and he became a true king of Hungary, but it is only with the help of the papal legate. Karol Robert of Anjou-the Anjou were the part of the Capetians. And the Capets control Pope. In this time rised powerfull feudal Matúš Čák Trenčiansky who ruled northen part of Hungary(Slovakia) he was Palatin of Hungary = second highets rank after king. But Matúš Čák hated Karol Robert. Matúš Čák start burning churches - because the Pope was an ally of Karol Robert. Matuš Čák became a Slovak hero, but Donč infiltrated to his court. He wanted to send Matúš Čák against Aba Omodej(another feudal and rival of Matúš Čák ) by intrigue. But Matúš Čák and Aba Omodej became an allies and they start war agiast king Karol Robert of Anjou-Capet. Donč fake promised help to Matúš Čák. In 15.6.1312 started BATTLE of ROZHANOVCE. In this battle stay on one side Aba Omodej + Matúš Čák and on other side Karol Robert and Spiš german spearmens. Just before the defeat of Karol Róbert, the magister knight Donč came with his army of Hospitallers. At that time he betrayed Matúš Čák and helped Karol Róbert to win. After battle the king gived to Donč many lands in middle Slovakia. Donč became a feudal. As a feudal he started war agaist Matúš Čák(his allies was Habsburgs). in 1321 Matúš Čák died and Donč take all of his teritory. He built many castles but one castle is very important for this game. The Likava Castle was a haven for the Templars. Donč gived this castle to Radmír, Prior Templar order. In this castle templars became or joined to Hospitallers order. Donč created new family = the Balaša family, they was most powerfull family in north Hungary(Slovakia) for many years.

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Another story from heart of Europe for game creators
Móric Beňovský - full name Matúš Móric Michal František Serafín August Beňovský
Móric Beňovský was born in Vrbové (20.9.1741-6) and studied in Svätý Jur. He was married with Anna Zusanna Honsh. He was arested in Spišská Sobota(july,1768) and imprisoned in Stará ľubovňa for trying to organize a Confederation of Bar militia. At this time he started writting his Memoirs and Travels of Mauritius Augustus Count de Benyowsky.Beňovský was freed from prison and he traveled to Poland(july, 1768). He joined to the patriotic forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This forces organised rebellion against Polish king Stanisław August Poniatowski. In the war he was captured by the Russian forces near Ternopil(april, 1769) and imprisoned in the town of Polonne. After he was transfered to Kyiev(july, 1769). Then he was transfered to the Kazan(september, 1769). He attempted to prison break but he was captured and transfered to the St. Petersburg(november, 1769). He was punished and sended to the Siberia as a slave. He was sended to Bolsheretsk - the capital of Kamchatka(september 1770). There he gained the trust of the Russian slavers and married the second time with his main slaver daughter. Than he use her for his second prisond break. He escaped from Kamchatka(23, may, 1770). On the ship that he stoled from russians slavers set sail from the mouth of Bolsha river, and headed southwards. He stopped on Bering island and Aelutian islands for 4 weeks. Then he sailed to Simushir island for supplies(29,may,-9,June, 1770). He was first explorer in Northen Pacific = before James Cook . After taking supplies he and his crew sailed into Sakinohama(on Shikoku island 19-23 july 1771). In next day he landed on Oshima island(Awa province). Then they drove him out of Japan. After that he sailed to Amami-Oshima(july, 1771). Than he landed on island Formosa(Taiwan, August, 1771) and then to Dongshan island. In 22, september 1771 he reached Macao. In Macao he and his crew waited for French ship, who took them to the Mauritius(january, 1772). From Mauritius they sailed to France(port of Lorient july, 1772). During this journey he saw the coast of Madagascar and immediately fell in love to it. From Lorient he goes to Paris and he recruited some sailors for expedition to Madagascar. His expedition arrived to Madagascar in november 1773 and were fully established by the end of march 1774. He sat up trading-post at Antongil. He had very good relations with all tribal chiefs. Before he left Madagascar(december 1776) he was titled as a KING OF MADAGASCAR=first white chief of black tribe. Beňovský arrived back to France(april 1777). He managed to be granted a medal Order of St. Louis. Then he comes back to Slovakia(Austro-hungarian kingdom) and he recevied the title of Count. In this time he joined to the Austrian forces whos fighting in War of the Bavarian Succession(july, 1778). In 1780 he formed playn to develop the port of Fiume(Rijeka) as a major trading port for Austrian-Hungarian kingdom. He was stayed here to 1781, when he abandoned the project. Then he sailed to America to support american war of independence. He fought in Siege of Savannah(16,september-18, october, 1779). In this battle fell his best friend Casimir Pulaski whom met in Paris. Pulaski died in his hands, after battle Beňovsky go back to Europe. second time he visited US with recommendation from Benjamin Franklin. Attmpted to persuade George Washington to found militia under Beňovsky leadership, to fight in the american war of independence. His brother Ferenc was also in America, he fighting as mercenary agaist the British. Before Beňovsky go back to Europe he visited his brother in Haiti. Then he arrivet to Britain(1783). Here he submitted a proposal to the British government for a colony on Madagascar, but he was turned down(because he fight against Britain in Savannah). Beňovsky acquired a document signed by Joseph II of Austria(september 1783) which gave to Beňovsky - Austrian protection for the exploitation and government of Madagascar. He sailed to Madagascar(april 1784). He agreed a contract with two trades from Baltimore. Before he landed on Madagascar he had to make an emergency landing in Brazil. Hes ship Interpid landed on Madagascar(Cap Sebastien -northwest of island -october 1784). After they arrived the one of rebellion tribes(Sakalava people) attacked him and his crew.(june, 1785). Beňovský and full crew were captured and disappeared. Beňovský was reported as alive(at Angonsty=Ambohitralanana in january 1786), but he joined to rebellion. He started big rebelion agaist French slavers. He as king, renamed Madagascar to Mauritania(named after himself Móric=Maurice) and make a new Capital - Cape East. Francois de Souilla, the French governor of Mauritius island sended military force to Madagascar to deal with Beňovský rebellion. On 24.may 1786 Beňovský was ambushed and killed. He was burried with his two russian friends who had accompained him since they escaped from Kamchatka. Only his childhood friend survived, he always protected him from beginig, but he was the one who betrayed Beňovský and gave his location to the French militia. The name of his friend and traitor at the same was Tomáš. Tomáš loved but hated Beňovsky. Because Beňovský stoled his girlfriend Anna and married her, but he like him because his live and ideas was inspiration for Tomáš. When Beňovský become a king of rebels the Tomáš began to jealous and betrayed him. Maybe this guy Tomáš will be next assassin hero who betrayed assains and he join to templars at the end of next game

Beňovský gave his the French written memoirs to Jean Hyacinthe de Magellan, the writings of Beňovský was translated by William Nicholson under title Memoirs and Travels of Mauritius Augustus Count de Benyowsky.
He was-
Slovak adventurer, traveler, explorer, colonizer, writer, king of Madagascar, French army colonel, commander of Polish army and officer of Austrian army
First European who sailed across North Pacific before James Cook- he explored Alaska coast between the mouth of Yukon and Kuskowina while sailing around island of Unimak and his journey to Macau was the first know way from the North America to Asia.
First Slovak who visited 4 continets (Europe, Asia, Africa, America)
First person who explored island of St. Lawrence
First resreacher, trader and King of Madagascar
First Slovakian author of worldwide bestseller
First Slovak who hit the development of larger number of countries(Poland,USA,France,Austria-Hungaria,Madagascar,Bavaria,

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i think that story about Beňovský will be hard to make, because in the game the creators would have to create a lot of people of different cultures for example Polish soldiers, Russian slavers, Eskimos-Aeluts natives, Japan angry traders,Chinese traders Madagascar tribal guys, French+Austrian-hunagrian+Bavarian+British+US soldiers and civilians everyone of this culture have different clothes traditions buildings ships guns etc... =Too many work for modelers, but i think it's a good challenge for them.

To story about magister knight Donč
when i was young i played Medieval II total war and one of Hungarian units have name Battlefield Assassins. I never hear before that Hungarian kingdom using assassins in battles but it will be good enemy for templar Donč