View Full Version : (Settlers III) Bugs: saves, archers & spies, lobby

05-05-2019, 01:10 PM
So here are more bugs that are in the game, and btw bugs that weren't there before History Edition.

First: autosaving is ATM completely pointless becauce those saved games cannot be joined by other players (we get the message save is corrupted). I believe it's the same crap as in S4 HE. I assume it's because you used the same formula for the autosave feature in both games.

For each game with autosave there are 2 save files in my game folder, one is from manual saving, the other is from autosave; what is also interesting is that I have a multiplayer save in my SINGLEPLAYER folder saved games. It's always the last one I played, and it's the save I made manually. I can usually open it, and the map is revealed even if the game hasn't been won yet, I mean - WTF?

From my observation autosave doesn't work because it saves the game only on the PC of the person who is using autosave, often there isn't a message in game chat saying "saving the game" it happens only in the menu on the left. What is more, if there are multiple people using autosave, the game can be saved by the next person after only 10 seconds, which shouldn't be possible, since I know there is a 60 seconds limit between each save. That would confirm the theory that autosave happens only on the PC of the player using it, that's why players can autosave 10 second after the other.


The autosave names the files differently on each players PC and, therefore, the files appear as being from different games.

How to fix? Just get rid of it and give us a reminder we can set each 5 or 10 minutes instead; a reminder would be a pop-up text messagetelling players to save the game, which we would have to do manually. You are completely iincapable to make proper implementations when it comes to game code, so just don't.

Second bug: ARCHERS STILL CAN'T KILL SPIES, I don't think it concerns archers of all races and levels but the problem is definitely new and reetarded.

Third: Games in the "lobby" are still bugged and I can see games that have already been started, though admitedly the problem with different maps being displayed has been fixed.