View Full Version : SAM confused about games

05-03-2019, 07:18 PM
I have done this only once so far. When I asked SAM about "when did Splinter Cell Blacklist come out?" he said "It just so happens that these stats are available in the app I reside in! Here let me link you to them!" Then said "It seems that you don't own the game on this platform. Don't hesitate to ask me the question again with a game of your library." and then when i asked "when did Splinter Cell Conviction come out?" He started telling me what Splinter Cell Blacklist was about. There was one time before when I asked about Splinter Cell conviction and got a response for SC Blacklist so I wanted to report it, I own (and have beaten) Splinter cell Conviction, but do not own (and have never played)Splinter Cell Blacklist.