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05-03-2019, 02:42 PM
I only play Orochi abd I need advice!

How Iím supposed to play with him?

In a defensive stance? I need to deflect the enemy attacks? Because now is near imposible

Should I try to use riptide strike? But is slow enough to receive the next attack in the combo, so is just a death trap (also GB punish us too high for the risk)

Maybe the way intended is using lights attacks to cut the enemy offensive. But is not possible to do, the speed on the other characters is the same so you trade always and having lower HP and damage you die.

Is orochi supposed to parry? For sure thatís work, I think is the way to play him? Just with parries, that feel a very unique orochi thing.

In the offensive

How I have to play with him? 3/4 of the attacks are parried (the lights, I will not bother mentioning the heavys).
So we can disregard them as an offensive tool.

How I can tell the rest of the team that when they try to ďhelp meĒ in a fight of 2vs 1 they are just dooming us both?
Or when they know, what can I do to avoid my own team mates stealing my fight because I cannot pierce the enemy defence and the I become irrelevant for all the fighters (if not a revenge feeder)?

When defending or attacking on breach, what you do advice me to do when the enemy target an official so they can block and parry ALL my attacks? I donít know what to do except leaving the zone to the enemy

I understand, orochi is a counterattacker, and we know that is has the best deflect in the game. But apart that? How Iím supposed to use him? Is an attacker with bad attacks or a defender qith bad defence?

Thank you very much!!

05-03-2019, 03:13 PM
Oh, the part about deflect being the best is sarcasm. I think is broken (broken as ďit doesnít work).

05-06-2019, 10:16 AM
Okay then, I assume nobody has any rip ☹️