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05-01-2019, 06:32 AM
Parkour is important part of Assassin's Creed. And today it is degrading. People start laughing at the game. Here and there you can hear phrases like - "If you want to fly go to Assassin's Creed!" AC3 - Unity parkour was good enough, tolerable, I could take it but Origins, Odyssey....too much! Overkill! Good game can't be without exaggeration and it's clear. But exaggerations can be acceptable (that will decorate the game) and not-acceptable (that will spoil the game). Unity parkour, for example, also exaggeration - but it is acceptable exaggeration. It decorates the game, making it more exciting. May be it is not very realistic but we accept it inside. "O.K! Nothing terrible, let it be so!" Odyssey parkour is over-exaggeration, it is unacceptable. How can people enjoy flying parkour?! Trying to make climbing process and parkour easier for gamers you, developers, killing parkour itself in the bud. You are killing it as intersting and exciting process, as some kind of mini-game that makes people orient themsleves quickly and take the right decision. Developing a new game take this into account!

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Developers, read comments below the last video and analyze!